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Published: March 16, 2022

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  • The Coalition, the company behind Gears of War, said that it will cease its esports activities after the current season
  • The developers teased they will be working on other projects and told fans to stay tuned
  • They thanked everyone who supported them in the past decade and a half

The Coalition announced that the current Gears of War esports season will be the last as the company’s devs will work on other projects.

Gears of War Esports to End in 2022

Sad news for competitive Gears of War fans – the game will be ceasing its esports activities after the end of the current season. The announcement was made by The Coalition, the company behind Gears of War and its professional scene. The developers shared that they will be focusing their time and resources on other projects.

The Coalition admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic messed up its plans to shut down Gears esports with a bang as it prevented the company from hosting as many live events as it would have liked to. The company is still proud of all of the support it received from the community and its partners. The developers noted that the last two years of Gears esports wouldn’t have been possible without this backing.

While the Coalition announced the end of Gears of War’s esports scene, there are still a few months of competition ahead of fans of the game. The developers noted that they are doing their best to make the upcoming Spring and Summer Majors and the female esports events as memorable as possible.

The Coalition Thanked Everyone for Their Support

The closure of Gears of War esports will mark the end of a league that has lasted for a decade and a half. Competitive Gears of War originated in the Major League Gaming events in 2007 and 2008 where people competed in the franchise’s first iteration. Over the past years, the popularity of Gears of War esports has steadily grown, making Gears esports a favorite league of many gaming enthusiasts.

The franchise’s latest iteration is Gears of War 5. It promised to mark the peak of Gears esports but was sadly affected by the abrupt spread of COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, all Gears of War esports tournaments were held online.

As for the future of the franchise, The Coalition teased that are working tirelessly on that. The devs, however, said that they will not be talking about this anytime soon. The company prompted fans to stay tuned by following Gears of War on Twitter and watch out for announcements.

The Coalition concluded by thanking everyone who watched, played, cheered, worked, and/or supported Gears Esports.

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