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Published: March 31, 2021

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  • Arizona Esports club receives the green light from the University of Arizona to start an official esports program
  • The establishment will now work on improving its infrastructure and facilities for the incoming students this autumn
  • The University of Arizona’s major competitor will be the Grand Canyon University in the same state which also houses an esports program

After seeking official recognition for years, the Arizona Esports club’s idea of an official esports program was finally approved by the University of Arizona. Opportunities and challenges await.

Arizona Esports Transition into an Official Esports Program

The state of Arizona has scored a major victory for esports: The Arizona Esports club in the University of Arizona has been officially green-lighted to become an esports program

Students will be able to enroll in gaming-related studies starting this fall. The university promises to integrate esports into their degree curriculum in the future and provide even more opportunities for students – for example, degrees in game designjournalism, and sports management

Because of the incoming influx of enthusiastic students, Arizona Esports will have to improve its facilities and turn them into a real esports arena. The organization will tirelessly work to finish the initial setup by the end of April and hopes to secure some sponsors both for the renovations and providing promising students with scholarships. 

The club’s member count currently sits at above 1700 members and has 100 members actively competing in 14 varied games

The Dreams and Challenges Ahead

The university’s esports club president Liam Koenneker is ambitious to propel Arizona Esports far into the world of college leagues. He believes that gaming is an increasingly important part of contemporary society and is assured of the potential of further growing esports into a reliable career. Koenneker hopes Arizona Esports will be a that important place where gaming dreams turn into real aspirations and where gamers receive scholarships for their effort.

The University of Arizona, however, will not be the first division 1 school to have an esports program. The Grand Canyon University was several years quicker and already has top-notch facilities, professional coaches, and has secured scholarships for its students. Another prime rival for UA will be the Arizona State University which lacks an official program but has had major esports successes in the collegiate leagues nevertheless.  

Arizona Esports has also had some successes in the past but will now have to buckle up and stand against its competitors if it is to follow Koenneker’s dream of becoming a powerhouse. 

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