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Published: April 21, 2022

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  • Electronic Arts announced that it is going to take strict anti-COVID measures during the ALGS LAN in Stockholm
  • The company will test players daily and will ban any COVID-positive players from participating in the event
  • Teams whose teammates get removed will be allowed to use substitutes instead

EA has decided to ban all COVID-positive players from the ALGS LAN tournament in Stockholm.

EA Adopts Strict Measures

With the Apex Legends Global Series LAN event in Stockholm just around the corner, Electronic Arts (EA) announced that it will be adopting strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The company doesn’t want to be forced to go online for a second time and will test all participants daily. Those who test positive will be quarantined and excluded from the event.

Players will be tested regardless if they have a COVID-19 vaccine or not. The competition will last three days, starting on April 29, meaning that players will be tested a total of three times. While the organizers encouraged athletes to get vaccinated, they emphasized that it isn’t a requirement to participate in the event. 

EA explained that COVID-positive players will be unable to compete in the event and their teams will have to find a substitute instead. This sparked some worries about the event as COVID may now completely change its course. With anti-pandemic measures easing up across Europe, there is a significant chance that multiple players may catch the virus.

EA’s measures mirror those of 2021’s PGL CS:GO Stockholm Major.

EA’s Measures May Hurt the Tournament

Sweden was once notorious for its safety regulations, causing even big esports events such The International 10, Dota 2’s biggest annual event, to seek another country. However, Sweden lifted its entry regulation on April 1. While this makes it easier for players to travel to the country it increases their chance of catching the virus.

The Stockholm ALGS event will not have a live audience at the arena and will require all players to wear masks. However, this doesn’t apply to the players’ time outside of competing. Countless venues have also opted to make masks optional, which isn’t going to make things any safer for the athletes. 

It should be kept in mind that the majority of COVID-19 cases in Sweden are the Omicron variant, which is known to be highly contagious. It seems that players will have to take part in two separate battles – one in esports and one concerning their personal health.

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