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Published: December 15, 2021

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  • Valve has shared that the 512GB Steam Deck will come with a better case
  • The premium case will be made out of better fabric and will have a flashier badge and zipper
  • It will come packed with a microfiber cloth and a storage pocket

As the first batch of Steam Decks is set to ship out soon, Valve has given a sneak peek into the premium case of the 512GB model.

A Premium Case for a Premium Device

Valve has teased gamers with a sneak peek at the 512GB Steam Deck’s carrying case. With the console set for release in the next few mounts, anticipations are already piling up.

Out of all three Steam Deck models, only the 512GB model will come with a premium high-quality carrying case. The other two models, the 256GB and the 64GB ones, will still have a case included, albeit one not good as the premium one.

The premium case will be made from higher quality materials that will better protect the precious console inside it. On the outside, it will include a shinier badge, colored with blue and gray, while the regular cases’ badge will be just silver. To make it feel even more premium, Valve has added a better zipper than the one on the their models.

The 512GB model’s case will also have quality-of-life features. One of them is a drawstring pouch for the power cable. The device will also include an elastic storage pocket and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the Steam Deck’s screen on the go.

Steam Decks to Begin Shipping in February

Steam Deck is Valve’s attempt to tap into the console market with a device that promises everything gamers have ever wanted. The Deck has the power of a high-quality computer packed in a portable device, allowing passionate gamers to take their favorite PC titles anywhere.

The new console will also allow gamers to take their game on a bigger screen through the docked mode, similar to one of its famous competitors, the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, the docked mode was confirmed to not boost the device’s performance.

Valve initially planned to start shipping out the Steam Deck pre-orders by December 2021 but various production hurdles have led to the device’s release getting postponed to February 2022.

Fans who haven’t pre-ordered a copy can still order one but it will likely arrive at an even later date, as Valve struggles to keep up with the production and the great interest people have in its new console.

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