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Updated: 18 August 2023

These Terms and Conditions explain what constitutes reasonable use of the website and its contents. By continuing to use the website you explicitly agree to the Terms and Conditions in full. If you find the Terms and Conditions contradictory or not satisfactory in any way, and object to them, you must discontinue using the website.

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Readers and users must not
  • Republish materials from the website without our explicit permission
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise plagiarize the materials found here
  • Attempt to modify or inflict harm on the website whether wittingly or otherwise
  • Use automated or manual programs to disrupt the service of the website in any way or try to prevent others from accessing the website or disrupt the use and service of the website
  • Impersonate people or/and denigrate individuals in writing using the website as a platform to do so

Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions may result in legal action on behalf of the website, its owners or partners who may have felt distress or incurred financial loss or other negative experience as a result of your misuse of the website.

Similarly, we may suspend your access to the website and prevent you from accessing Esports Grizzly if we consider your use of the website malevolent or subversive in nature. For a clearer breakdown of financial losses, please read Disclaimer.

User content and publishing guidelines

Esports Grizzly is committed to providing readers with factual and accurate information, written to the best of our contributors’ abilities. Our editorial policy sticks to basic principles of good journalism, including but not limited to:

  • Desire for accuracy and correctness of the information presented on page
  • Commitment to providing the full details about a story to help readers get a better understanding
  • Reaching out to mentioned and affected parties to clear up facts about each story 
  • Consistency in the number of news and developments we cover to provide you with a constant stream of new information
  • Refusal to endorse content and developments in exchange of money, partnerships and other benefits

The website also accepts readers’ contributions as long as they meet our publication’s standards. Please note that once you submit a piece of content it may be used, re-used, modified and altered in any ways the editorial team sees fit.

While credit is customary given to reader contributors, such credit may not necessarily be granted with each piece. We strive for transparency and value our readers’ input. If you would prefer your piece not to be used without your name attached to it, please let us know in your content submission.

Breaches of the outlined Terms and Conditions

Breaches of the Terms and Conditions could result in legal action or lead to blacklisting your IP or/and user account if such is applicable. We urge you to comply with the Terms and Conditions in full to avoid ramifications that may legally prevent you from accessing the website.

Change in the Terms and Conditions

Esports Grizzly retains its right to change the Terms and Conditions and update you about these changes in this page. It’s your responsibility to make sure you check whether the Terms and Conditions have been updated.

Whenever an update occurs, the date at the bottom of the page will change to inform you about changes to the terms.


As part of the Terms and Conditions, you agree to read through our Disclaimer and only continue using the website if you fully agree with the points laid out in the terms, Disclaimer, and Privacy.

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