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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Empire showed excellent gameplay and secured a spot in the Stockholm LAN
  • Team Players came in second, banking $15 000 in winnings
  • The event saw fierce competition as teams scrambled to win points for the Stockholm LAN

Team Empire secured a slot for the Stockholm LAN by winning the top spot in the EMEA Pro League, along with banking $30 000.

Empire Rises to the Top

The EMEA Pro League’s final day ended on March 28 with a sprint squeezing the entire second split into six consecutive days. Team Empire emerged victorious, beating opponents in both Groups A and C as both Pro League lobbies played simultaneously. By wining the six games played, Empire earned their first place and bagged the grand prize of $30 000. The second place went to team Players who got $15 000.

The last day of the Pro League also revealed the last teams that will attend the $1 million Stockholm LAN and awarded $125,000 total for regular season performances. Only the ten best teams will get a slot for the event.

The Event Was Full of Ups and Downs for Everyone

The final day of the EMEA saw Players and SoloQgoats fight early, while Empire swooped in for the kill. The first three games were played on World’s Edge, where Empire’s choice of Mad Maggie proved to be decisive during the latter part of Pro League play.

The second game started with a bloodbath, leaving just 11 squads alive before the start of round three, with only Players, Horizon, and SeComportaYa making it to the top. Interestingly, Players was again lucky as Horizon and SeComportaYa had to fight first, giving Players an easier fight later. This resulted in them and Empire leading the whole pack.

The third and final battle on World’s Edge was fought outside Countdown, where Kungarna had an ideal spot above the competition. Using clever shield swaps and well-placed shotgun blasts ANC Outplayed beat Kungarna in the last fight.

Later during the day, the Storm Point games opened up with Phoenix Legacy, Players, and Kungarna grabbing safe buildings at The Mill. Pandemonium broke out when three Valkyrie teams landed on the small zone simultaneously. NAVI, who started the day at 25th place desperately, needed a win. They tried to evict Phoenix Legacy from their house but failed. The latter managed to get third place as the final circle moved toward the gravity cannon behind The Mill. Kungarna weren’t healthy enough to fend off GMT Esports, who’d managed to avoid the brunt of the fighting.

As Players remained on top many other teams were close in score, often within a single point of each other. Game five’s action centered around Checkpoint and Cascade Falls. SCARZ and Kungarna survived until the late game, but were eventually dealt with by Reply Totem, who had better positioning and confident shooting.

The last game saw Game of Drones being wiped out by SoloQgoats, who desperately needed points to qualify for LAN. The team then went after Reply Totem but soon fell to Kungarna, which ended their hopes for the qualification. Meanwhile, Team Empire destroyed the competition outside North Pad giving them two wins out of the six games played.

At the end the results showed that Kungarna missed qualification for LAN by two points, while SCARZ managed to squeeze into the top 10, earning their spot in Stockholm with a three-point cushion. They will have the chance to face off against the current champ Empire at the $1 million LAN event starting on April 29.

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