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Published: January 12, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • TALON is expanding its lineup of esports teams by fielding a PUBG Mobile squad
  • The team will represent Indonesia in the league
  • TALON’s CEO said it’s hoped this is just the start of an enduring relationship between the org and PUBG Mobile esports

After disbanding its first team in 2019, TALON is returning to competitive PUBG by fielding a team in the Mobile Super League.

TALON Announces PUBG Mobile Team

Asian esports organization TALON is already quite a large entity, fielding teams in League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, and other titles. However, the organization is now expanding outreach by announcing it has entered the PUBG Mobile Super League – Southeast Asia. With this, Talon becomes one of the 20 partnered teams that will compete in the regular season for a chance to earn a spot at the season-ending PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

The mobile battle royal is quite popular in South-East Asia, making it quite understandable that the organization wants to field a team in the esport. It should be noted that TALON had previously fielded a team in the PC version of PUBG, however, they decided to disband it in 2019 to focus on other titles.

TALON is now back to competitive PUBG, albeit on a different platform. It has managed to sign a deal with the highest-tier league in the SEA region with its partnership with the PUBG Mobile Super League. It hosts teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam, which provide a total of 20 partnered teams. TALON, in particular, will be representing Indonesia.

As we’ve mentioned before, PUBG Mobile is very popular in the region, which is also one of the main reasons why TALON decided to invest in it. “We want to support the amazing talent within Indonesia by providing a platform for players to showcase their gameplay, personalities, and individual brands on the regional and even global stages,” commented the CEO of TALON, Sean Zhang. “We hope this will mark the start of an enduring relationship between TALON and PUBG Mobile Esports as well as the incredible Indonesian esports community.”

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