Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tag: Skillz


Call of Duty League to Sign YouTube Exclusivity Broadcasting Deal, Rumors Say

If the rumors are true, the deal is almost finalized This is likely linked to Activision wanting to cover a ...

League of Legends jungle pets.

Here’s Which Champions Will Be Nerfed in League of Legends’ Patch 13.12

Nine champions will receive various negative adjustments in the next patch Yuumi and Gragas seem to be the champions receiving ...


Hussar Cup to Be One of the First Counter-Strike 2 LANs This Year

Organizers of the event announced it will be held in late August and early September It will feature eight teams ...

Valve's Counter-Strike 2

Valve Uploads Counter-Strike 2 Resources on Its Workshop Page

All weapons models are now available on the CS2 workshop page Fans hope to see more similar updates for map ...

Overwatch 2 Mercy

Mercy’s New Glitch Allows Her to Take an Entire Overwatch 2 Lobby Hostage

Players have found a new exploit that Mercy can do on Paraiso It can cause everyone to experience massive amounts ...