Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Valve's Counter-Strike 2

PGL Announces First-Ever Counter-Strike 2 Major in Copenhagen

The event will be held in March next year in the Danish capital It will be hosted in the renowned ...


Steam Will Stop Support on Older Windows Versions in 2024

The Steam Client will not be able to work on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 from January 2024 Some current ...


LoL Continues to Have Problems with Its Infinite Mana Exploit

The game had a problem with mana dropping after receiving Biscuits Devs “fixed” it but allowed players to exploit the ...


Stewie2K Announced He Is Officially a Free Agent

The player might be returning to competitive Counter-Strike soon He has been inactive for more than half a year, preferring ...

Apex Legends' Ash character.

Apex Legends Players Blast Ash’s Latest “Pitiful” Buff

Apex devs revealed Ash’s latest buff which will arrive on March 28 However, fans say this is too little to ...