Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Sony's Mocopi gadget

Sony’s New Mocopi Gadget Hailed as a Revolution for 3D VTuber Streaming

3D VTubing has always required a lot of expensive equipment to work wellSony’s device will instead use just a smartphone ...


Legendary League Pro Faker Extends His Contract with T1 for Three More Years

The 26-year-old mid-laner will play for the organization for at least until 2025He has already been with the team since ...


Here’s Which Champions Will Be Changed in League’s Next Patch

Many tanks will be receiving much-needed buffsMeanwhile, champions with more than a 52% win rate will be nerfedThe new patch ...


Cloud9 Leaves the HCS by Releasing Its Entire Halo Roster

C9 becomes the fourth partnered team to leave Halo esports this monthThe players seem to part ways with C9 on ...


Veteran Tank Poko Retires from Competitive Overwatch

Poko steps down from the professional sceneHe was one of the OG Overwatch league playersHe made his name with his ...