Monday, March 20, 2023

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Apex’s Collection Event Rewards Tracker Won’t Be Fixed, Respawn Said

Players’ Collection Event reward tracker is getting blocked at 1 250 points This means they will not be able to ...


Natus Vincere Send Astralis to the Last-Chance Bracket of ESL Pro League S17

NaVi defeated the Danish team Astralis 2-1  It was not an easy game with Astralis putting up an extremely strong ...

ESL IEM Katowice live audiences.

ENCE Defeat Rare Atom to Secure EPL Playoffs Spot

Rare Atom were obliterated 16-3 in Overpass, which was ironically their own choice However, they put up more of a ...

Team Spirit happy they have won against Astralis.

Team Spirit Defeat Astralis 2-0 in EPL Group D Opener

The match seemed quite unbalanced, despite both teams being near in rankings Astralis’ star duo blameF and dev1ce seemed very ...


LS Is Unhappy with League’s Upcoming Patch 13.6

The streamer thinks the MSI will be “doomed” after the patch releases He says the current meta is not being ...