Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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The Overwatch 2 characters and logo.

Overwatch 2 Players Want Blizzard to Reintroduce This Useful Matchmaking Feature

Solo queueing OW2 players can constantly be put up against stacked players This makes winning games against them much more ...


CS:GO Player Numbers Reach Mid-Pandemic Peaks

January has seen a peak of almost 1.2 million simultaneous CS:GO players That number is just 100K away from beating ...

Apex Legends and heirlooms.

Heirloom Shards Will Be Back in Apex’s 2023 Anniversary Event, Leak Suggests

Heirlooms are one of the game’s rarest items Recent leak suggests the game’s fourth-year anniversary might bring back Heirloom shards ...


G2 Defeats Natus Vincere to Qualify for BLAST Premier Spring Final

G2 joins FaZe and Vitality on BLAST Premier Spring Final team list after defeating NaVi Nikola "⁠NiKo⁠" Kovač was undoubtedly ...

Gura Gawr anime.

Hololive Star Gawr Gura Will Return to Streaming Following Month-Long Hiatus

The streamer wrote on Twitter she would be returning sometime before February 14 She also mentioned she is currently in ...