Saturday, December 10, 2022

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Elden Ring Becomes Game of the Year at The Game

The game’s worldbuilding and notorious difficulty have landed it the award Elden Ring had tough competition in the face of ...


Abios Will Now Offer Live Data for Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow 6 has seen a stable increase in popularity over the past years This rises the need for more live ...


PSG.LGD Rebuilds Its Dota 2 Roster around Just Two Remaining Players

Three players left the organization following the end of TI11 The organization brings in relatively new talents from EHOME and ...

ESL IEM Katowice live audiences.

Russian Players Can Participate in IEM Katowice, despite Poland’s Entry Ban

Poland bans Russians from entering it through its external borders This does not apply to Russian citizens already in the ...

League of Legends' Jungle.

Riot Explains the Newest League Jungle Changes

The devs concentrated on three main aspects of the Jungle Counter-jungling is the one that will receive the most change ...