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Published: April 13, 2022

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  • Amwe, a LOR streamer for LeviathanTLG, shared that her former boyfriend Swimstrim abused her
  • Swimstrim also a LOR streamer, tried to mitigate some of the damage by lying to the community
  • Numerous streamers spoke up against Swimstrim, sharing similar stories to Amwe’s

Amwe shared her story about how Swimstrim, her former boyfriend and fellow streamer, abused her.

Amwe Shared Her Terrible Experience

Amwe, a prominent Legends of Runeterra content creator, has revealed what abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. The community was shocked to hear her story.

Amwe produces LOR content as a part of the LevianthanTLG organization. Her former boyfriend is Sean “Swimstrim” Huguenard – a fellow Legends of Runeterra streamer, working under Evil Geniuses’ banner. The latter was accused of sexual pressure as, according to Amwe, he exposed himself numerous times even when told to stop. Amwe claimed that many of Swimstrim’s wrongdoings came under the influence of drugs. She reported that he was a regular consumer of strong substances such as amphetamines and LSD.

According to LevianthanTLG’s content creator, Swimstream was more than just a bad boyfriend – he was a bad person through and through. She explained that it is okay to be a flawed partner but what he did went much further than that – he manipulated her, gaslighted her and abused her so much that she still struggles to recover. 

Luckily, Amwe received strong support from the LOR community, with many people coming out with stories similar to hers.

Other Streamers Confirmed Amwe’s Story

On April 10, the day before Amwe’s report, Swimstrim held a stream where he warned the community that a former girlfriend of his is going to try and cancel him. He tried to claim that the upcoming story is exaggerated and untruthful.

To prove her point, Amwe released a 43-page-long compilation of numerous reports about Swimstrim’s misbehaviors. The file included other streamers’ points of view and how they were also abused by Evil Geniuses’ content creator. The ones who supported Amwe’s point included people such as Darick “Charm3R” Oswalt, Jaggerouos, Joeysticks, Kelly/Callonetta, Larissa “puffballpanda,” Lorraine Wilson, Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero, Silverfuse and Wick. Following the release of Amwe’s document, Swimstrim took down his videos.

Silverfuse also reported that Swimstrim desperately pleaded for her help, asking her to keep the allegations from going public. The EG content creator was also accused of forcing himself to cry on stream and guilt-trip his audience. Amwe was baffled to learn that her ex went to such lengths to try to manipulate the story.

As of the time of this writing, Swimstrim is yet to respond to the allegations.

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