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Published: July 5, 2021

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  • The popular Indian video game company Mobile Premier League will be expanding to the United States
  • It will bring a roster of nine games and will gradually add new ones 
  • The founders’ goal is to create a multi-national community of gamers that can compete together

Asian gaming powerhouse Mobile Premier League is seeking to use its strong foundation to expand in other regions, starting from North America. 

Mobile Premier Expands to the USA

Mobile Premier League is a leading name in esports in India and Indonesia. The company will now follow the expansionism trends of other companies and seek to tackle the market in other regions as well. For starters, it has chosen the United States of America, where esports is a staple. 

Mobile Premier boasts a whopping 81 million users in India and Indonesia. The company believes that because of how popular gaming is in North America, the USA expansion will bring up that number. This is what Sai Srinivas, Mobile Premier’s chief executive officer, and co-founder, had to say on the matter:

“The U.S. is the largest market when it comes to gaming, so it’s always been on our mind. We always believed we wanted to build a global product. There’s no way you’re going to be global without being in America.”

For the said expansion, Mobile Premier will use the $95 million it got during a funding round in February. At first, the company will offer only nine games to customers in the United States, compared to 60 games which it offers in its two native countries. Mobile Premier hopes to slowly expand on the roster of games as the year progresses. 

The platform doesn’t develop the games it offers and instead works as a published to other developers. India and Indonesia offer both free-to-play and subscription-based paid games. 

The History of Mobile Premier

Mobile Premier was founded by the aforementioned Sai Srinivas and Shubham Malhotra. They aren’t strangers to working together and have worked on other projects hand in hand. Before Mobile Premier, they worked on a hardware company called CREO which they sold in 2017. 

Then, they created Mobile Premier in 2018 after receiving $5 million from Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm that had previously supported CREO. 

Mobile Premier currently sports over 900 employees and is a true powerhouse in India and Indonesia. Its powerful positions inspired the expansion to the United States. As Srinivas and Malhotra aim to make the company a global one, esports fans can expect to start hearing the name Mobile Premier in other countries as well. The two founders aim to create a multi-national community that can compete in global events. 

Srinivas described it as a future where a million people from all over the globe could participate in a single tournament.

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