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Published: January 20, 2022

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  • Subnation has boosted its leadership by acquiring four notable industry specialists
  • Andy Ochiltree, Seth Pyrzynski, Justin Burnham and Daniel Herz will be joining the company, assuming various leadership positions
  • The new employees are a testament to Subnation’s dedication to maintaining high standards

Subnation has hired four long-time gaming industry specialists to its ranks as it seeks to grow its business and influence.

Subnation Hires Four Veterans

The gaming and esports media holding company Subnation has increased its manpower by acquiring several ex-executives who have served some of the most respected video game companies.

The employees have previously served renowned gaming companies such as Activision Blizzard, ESL Gaming and Riot Games. Some have worked for the film, interactive media, and music festival series SXSW.

Andy Ochiltree and Seth Pyrzynski, for example, are two former Activision Blizzard workers who will now be joining Subnation. In their new positions, the two will serve as a vice president of gaming, head of players league and as a vice president of strategy and innovation, web3 respectively. Other than working for Blizzard, Ochiltree has worked for Marvel Studios and Hasbro while Pyrzynski has served as Riot Games’ esports live product director.

Another experienced acquisition is Justin Burnham, who boasts 14 years of industry experience and has worked for SXSW and DreamHack. As a part of Subnation, Burnham will work as a senior vice president of physical and digital experiences.

The last new employee is Daniel Herz, an ex-member of ESL Gaming, who will now rise as Subnation’s head of business development.

Subnation Is Devoted to Maintaining High Standards

By acquiring those experienced individuals, Subnation hopes to scale its gaming business up and expand in the metaverse. The company’s co-founder and current chief executive officer, Seven Volpone, spoke on the new acquisitions. He said that as a “trusted voice and IP creator,” Subnation is dedicated to quality. Since the company’s goal is to guide the biggest brands in gaming, it seeks to hire employees who have a deep understanding of the industry. Volpone elaborated:

“Our new team members come from some of the biggest players in gaming and entertainment, and will allow us to further innovate with our partners by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds and Web3 via content, experiences, esports, merchandise, events and more.”

Since its establishment in 2018, Subnation has always worked hard to maintain quality. The acquisition of four seasoned gaming industry veterans attests to the company’s devotion to gaming.

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