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Published: November 1, 2021

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  • Twitch streamer decides on a meme-y way to get a sponsorship
  • He succeeded in getting his own G FUEL flavor
  • G Fuel surprises the streamer with limited edition shakers and a collector’s box

It seems loyal clients sometimes get paid for the support of their favorite brand as this Twitch streamer received his own flavor of G FUEL after a year of consuming it.

Streamer Succeeds in Getting a Sponsorship and Custom Flavor with This Meme Tactic

Mercanthony is a relatively small Twitch streamer (you can find his channel here) who started his “quest” to get a sponsorship from Twitch more as a joke than anything else. It was more of a meme in his community, but it seems that the “orange-haired ‘G FUEL kid’ from New Jersey,” as Mercanthony describes himself has finally achieved the ridiculous goal of getting his own G Fuel flavor.

Over a year ago he decided that he will drink G FUEL every single day until he gets his own flavor.

It turns out that the 20-year-old streamer’s stunt worked out, as G FUEL did indeed notice him and planned a surprise to mark the one-year day of sticking to the plan.

The New Flavor

The streamer got an offer from G FUEL to shoot an ad. Mercanthony and was driven off to the studio for the shoot, yet he still did not know of the real reason he was there. G FUEL finally dropped the curtain on October 30 revealing to him his new flavor of the drink.

The new flavor’s name is a pun on Marcanthony’s name, called Orange Cran’thony. There is a shaker cup and even a collector’s box in the streamer’s style that comes with this flavor. G FUEL said at the release that it’s an achievement to keep up drinking every day for a year and to honor this client’s loyalty, the company gave him the limited-edition Orange Cran’thony.

Mercanthony said during the announcement that the shaker is designed after the custom Twitch emote he has. “I literally have an emote for this shaker. That’s so insane. There’s no way dude… Welcome to Day 1 of me drinking my own flavor. I don’t even have a way to put this into words. I just peaked. This is it.”

A decade ago, it was common to call streamers and YouTubers, who got sponsorships “sellouts”. In recent years, however, fanbases often see a young content creator’s first sponsorship as an important step in their growth. Perhaps this is a major steppingstone in Mercanthony’s career not just as a streamer, but also as an influencer.

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