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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • StreamElements will support LGBTQ+ empowerment project It Gets Better
  • The platform will donate $25,000 as well as launch Pride-themed merchandise and help popularize LGBTQ+ content creators
  • The partnership between the two parties will continue beyond the Pride month

StreamElements will partner with It Gets Better Project to support the LGBTQ+ community and promote equality in gaming and esports.

StreamElements Introduces Pride Merch, Will Highlight LGBTQ+ Streamers

As gaming has been becoming more and more inclusive to minorities and oppressed demographics, the leading platform for live streaming StreamElements will partner with the LGBTQ+ empowerment initiative. It Gets Better Project. StreamElements will be donating $25,000 for It Gets Better’s cause of encouraging young LGBTQ+ members around the globe. StreamElements will also be launching a Pride-themed line of merchandise and will highlight LGBTQ+ content creators during Pride Month. 

The Pride-themed merchandise was fully designed by artists Jaime Hayde and Andrea Marroquín, who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. All the money from the sales will go to help the It Gets Better’s cause. 

StreamElements will additionally be releasing a “SuperTheme” on its platform that was designed with Hayde’s support. It will be a collection of stream graphics and alerts that make it easier for users to join the cause. 

StreamElements will focus on popularizing LGBTQ+ streamers throughout Pride Month by featuring them in promotional videos and mentioning them in releases. 

The Cause Will Extend Beyond June  

The partnership envisions to help the LGBTQ+ community not only during June but to provide support in the long term. That’s why the SuperTheme and the Pride merchandise will be available not only during Pride month but throughout the whole year. 

SteamElements’ Chief Revenue Officer Sean Horvath spoke on the importance of the initiative in achieving social progress. Horvath feels that the partnership between StreamElements and It Gets Better Project is an important milestone for the former company and for himself. 

 “Our goal with this campaign is to not only shine a light on all the amazing things Pride represents but to continue our previous commitment to supporting diversity by ensuring the efforts we put forward are prominent year-round.”

SteamElements’ Chief Revenue Officer Sean Horvath

It Gets Better Project also revealed that they are glad to partner with StreamElements. The project’s PR director Ross von Metzke shared an insight into It Gets Better’s vision with this partnership:

 “LGBTQ+ youth have long found community and connection through gaming—perhaps more so over the last year than ever before. This is why it is vital we work to ensure that gaming platforms and streamers offer spaces where young people can find community and explore their journey to self-affirmation in a supportive and empowering environment. We look forward to working toward this shared goal with StreamElements during Pride Month and throughout the year.”

Project PR director Ross von Metzke

Gaming has turned into something more than mere games and instead has become a global community that lets people unite over their hobby. Platforms and companies have been increasingly aware of that and have started working towards establishing an environment where everyone feels included. 

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