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Published: June 10, 2021

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  • S2A received a Twitch ban of unspecified length after stream sniping
  • The player kept his opponent’s stream open to reveal his location
  • S2A was caught in the act on his own stream where he tried to hide the internet browser page

Despite an attempt to cover his stream sniping, S2A was banned for Twitch because of the offense. 

Stream Sniping: An Unfair Way to Get the Edge

Stream sniping is one of the many fraudulent practices in gaming. It consists of opening your opponent’s stream in a separate window, often on a second screen, to receive intel about the enemy team’s activity and gain an unfair advantage. Even if stream sniping is banned by the policies of the popular streaming platform Twitch, some people still engage in it.

In a fairly obvious case, S2A was busted engaging in the dishonest practice during a VALORANT stream. The victim of the stream sniping was Diaamond, another streamer which is a part of Team Synergy. S2A, seemingly blindly, threw a flash grenade in the B bombsite corridor and proceeded to kill Diaamond. However, this move pushed his luck as Diaamond immediately became suspicious.

“You are so obvious,” Diaamond wrote to the wrongdoer. 

S2A tried to deny gaining the edge by stream sniping. In his own stream, he labeled Diaamond’s accusations as “cringe” and reassured his teammates he was purely relying on skill and prediction when throwing the flash grenade. 

S2A Gets Caught in the Act

Diaamond was clever about how to proceed – instead of staying in the chat to argue, he quickly found and joined S2A’s stream. S2A didn’t expect his opponent to pull this move over a single grenade and casually proceeded to minimize the game – a Google Chrome tab running Diaamond’s stream immediately popped up and confirmed S2A’s culpability.

Diaamond took the opportunity and recorded the telltale moment, after which he posted it on Twitter for everyone to see.

As a result, Twitch banned S2A from the platform as stream sniping is considered to be an offense on the same par as cheating, hacking, botting, and every other way to maliciously exploit an online game and gai

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