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Published: September 27, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • One player encountered a peculiar new bug in Apex Legends
  • Many others speculated that the cause of the problem could be
  • There were also those who found the glitch to be quite hilarious

A new Apex Legends bug appeared which causes players to be thrown across the map when interacting with a trident.

Fan Finds Strange Bug

Bugs persist in every game and they can be annoying or straight-up game-breaking. But sometimes they are so bizarre that they baffle and amuse players more than anything else, and this is what seems to have happened with a newly discovered bug in Apex Legends.

On September 26, Reddit user Confidence_Weekly posted a short video on the Apex subreddit, showing a strange bug that causes players to be propelled to the other side of the map the moment they enter a trident. The video shows the character being absolutely yeeted across the map, only to hit the ground hard and be downed due to the falling damage.

This seemed both strange and hilarious at the same time and other players quickly started thinking of an explanation. One proposed theory stated that the player got downed right as they entered the Trident, so the game got confused and deposited them in the map’s 0,0 coordinates. “Yeah, every map has a centre point (not always the exact centre of the map, just where the devs placed the origin), and when the game bugs out and teleports you, that’s usually where it defaults to,” another fan agreed with this explanation.

When reviewing the video, you can hear a gunshot a second before the player enters the trident, followed by the player being downed on the kill feed by a Wingman. It couldn’t be a network error as the player’s network status window doesn’t show any packet loss and their ping is low. But considering the gunshot was heard a second before the player entered the trident, the theory has its problems. The time delay between when the player was allegedly shot and when they got thrown across the map seems too large for it to have happened at a nearly identical time so that the game would be confused.

Of course, there were those Apex Legends players who found the funny side of the situation. One fan joked that this happened because the player should have entered from the driver’s side of the trident. Another said that Ash’s portal needs to be reworked. Then there was this one player who simply wrote “skill issue” as an explanation for the problem and received hundreds of likes.

Regardless of what exactly caused the problem, many commenters seemed to agree that for some reason the game didn’t know the position of the player at that one moment and decided to simply teleport him to the 0 point of the map.

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