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Published: March 27, 2023

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  • The player might be returning to competitive Counter-Strike soon
  • He has been inactive for more than half a year, preferring to stream VALORANT
  • “Being away from CS doesn’t mean I closed the doors,” the player wrote

Stewie2K has finally cut ties with his troubled past as part of Evil Geniuses’ roster and announced he is now a free agent looking for new employment.

Stewie2K Is a Free Agent

Jake “Stewie2K” Yip has been one of the most popular CS:GO players in the North American competitive scene. However, for the past eight months, the 25-year-old pro player has been away from the game, instead preferring to focus on streaming VALORANT following his drama-filled departure from his previous organization Evil Geniuses. 

However, it seems the player is ready to move back onto the professional CS:GO scene after he announced on Twitter that he is now a free agent. “It’s been a long 7 years being contracted & now I’m officially a free agent,” Stewie2K wrote while thanking Evil Geniuses for the time he spent with the organization.

“Thanks to the fans who continued to support my stream and me. Streaming kept me grounded and I will continue to push my streams,” Stewie2K explained in a later Twitter post.” However during this down period, grinding VALORANT brought the competitiveness back and I’m ready to compete in general.”

Stewie2K’s Short EG Stint

The player‘s time in Evil Geniuses was not long, the team having signed Stewie2K in January last year alongside his former teammates and fellow ELEAGUE Major winners William “?RUSH?” Wierzba and Timothy “?autimatic?” Ta. All of this was a part of EG’s plan to distinguish themselves on the CS:GO competitive scene in 2022. 

However, this plan did not come to fruition as the organization bomb out on four consecutive events, including a failed bid to qualify for PGL Major Antwerp. Perhaps partly due to this, the relationship between the in-game leader and the coaching staff quickly became sour in the following months. 

All of this resulted in Stewie2K taking a back step in the organization. He played his last match with EG in late April and he went on to step down in July, following the announcement of Evil Geniuses’ new “Blueprint” initiative with the signing of two additional lineups. Since then, Stewie2K has been streaming a lot of VALORANT.A few days before his announcement of plans to return to competitive CS, Stewie2K said he has access to the closed beta of the up-and-coming Counter-Strike 2. Perhaps this was the final factor in the player’s decision to climb back on the professional CS scene.

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