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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Steam sees 27.9 million concurrent users on January 2, improving on the active gaming results as well
  • This number is an improvement over the November 2021 numbers when a similar number was established
  • Older titles seemed to outperform newer ones whether because of nostalgia or accessibility

With more gamers connecting to Steam, the platform saw a new record established on January 2, with some 27.9 million concurrent users online and 8.2 million people gaming.

Steam Numbers Hit another Milestone at Turn of Year

Popular gaming marketplace Steam has started the year on a high note. Call it the few relaxed days of quiet when everyone is settling in after the New Year’s celebration – call it a fluke. SteamDB data revealed that the digital marketplace has seen 27,942,036 players online at the same time on January 2. That’s a lot. But it’s not an unlikely number.

Even in November 2021, the daily active users that were online at the same time reached 27.4 million, making Steam one of the most popular places on the Internet. This comes in the context of broader competition from rivals, such as Epic Games Store.

However, Steam has not only upped the number of concurrent users. It has also upped the concurrent number of gamers. Some 8.2 million people gamed on January 2 compared to 7.8 million active gamers back in November. This means that Sunday’s numbers were actually higher than the 8.1 million records set in April 2020 amid a global pandemic lockdown.

Many of the gamers were tuning in to some of their favorite games, that weren’t necessarily the newest ones out there. Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Team Fortress were among some of the most played ones. Grand Theft Auto 5, which is pulling steady numbers across the board.

Surprisingly, only two games released last year were in the Top 10 based on the SteamDB ranking, is New World by Amazon Gaming Studios and Football Manager 2022.

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