StarCraft II is one of the most popular real-time strategies of all time. In fact, you can rightly say that it is the most popular RTS – full stop. Today, the game has a vibrant competitive scene, with the World Championship Series and ESL tournaments playing a central role in it. StarCraft II betting sites have thrived as a result, and esports betting sites are readily adopting this game as well.

Even though the game takes a little more to understand, StarCraft II esports is one of the most watched and bet-on video games, not least because of the competitive scene in South Korea and Blizzard Entertainment’s continued support for the video game. Today, you have dozens of S-tier tournaments for this real-time strategy game, and the prize pools are easily some of the biggest you have seen in any esports.

How does this impact StarCraft betting, where can you wager on your favorite players, and what betting sites bring you the best odds, we will find together with Esports Grizzly in the following article.

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Best StarCraft Betting Sites

To get you started, we have provided you with a quick list of the best StarCraft 2 betting sites. Each of these sites is actually very much worth your while. They offer competitive odds, fantastic betting markets, and more.

The bookies we recommend are thoroughly checked and we make sure that they offer authentic experiences from start to finish. Players who are interested in betting on StarCraft 2 will definitely find the sites handy.

They offer a variety of odds for both advanced tournaments and competitive seasons that are in progress and upcoming tournaments. StarCraft has a massive esports and betting scene and that is why it’s important that the website that you pick actually reflects that through its esports markets and odds.

Top StarCraft 2 Betting Events and Tournaments

There are numerous StarCraft II tournaments to bet on. In fact, the RTS game is available on Twitch on a daily basis, and you always have hours of excellent esports content to watch and enjoy. This is thanks to the fact that there are just so many brilliant events running, and many of those are actually S-tier.

In other words, you have professional and highly skilled StarCraft 2 being streamed to you around the clock for free. The annual calendar is actually pretty busy, and it features events such as:

  • IEM Katowice
  • DreamHack Masters
  • Global League
  • ESL Pro Tour
  • StarLeague

Each of these events draws hundreds of thousands of people who watch it over the course of days, weeks or months, either on Twitch or live in person across the world. Esports events that feature StarCraft II are some of the most serious esports betting contests as well, and while StarCraft has its origins in South Korea and the esports scene thrived around the World Cyber Games, the game as a whole has moved way past that.

Players are welcome to explore all of these events and more. The quickest way to always be caught up on what events are net is to visit Liquipedia or Esports Charts, both of which make sure that you never miss out on any big StarCraft betting tournaments, whether it’s the Intel Extreme Masters or something else.

You will also want to bet on these events as they will come with some of the most exciting betting odds, markets, and general opportunities to place bets and enjoy yourself a big deal.

Types of StarCraft Betting Markets

There are numerous types of StarCraft 2 betting markets you can explore and enjoy. Players who are new will definitely have a fantastic time when they are going through the list of options available to them readily, and of course – StarCraft is a slightly different game after all.

The markets and dynamics are different, but you will actually find that betting sites offer many standard matches as well. Let’s take a look at some of the markets – in fact, all of them!

  • Match Winner – The match winner is placed when you are betting on a player to win a game. Remember, StarCraft II is all about the individual players outperforming their opponents. With this in mind, you will notice that match winner is also the most popular type of bet available.
  • Map Winner – If you bet on a map winner, you are betting on one player to win a specific map. You can actually do that and still bet against the player to lose the overall series. StarCraft II is often played in a BO5 or BO7 format even in the lower stages of competition simply because the games are very quick. So, you may know that player X is good at one map, and just back him or her on that one while still backing his opponent as the match winner.
  • Outright Winner – An outright winner usually applies to the winners of entire events, such as the Intel Extreme Masters. You basically place a bet on StarCraft II tournament winner right at the start. It’s a riskier bet to go with, but one that also has higher chances to reward you better, especially if you are betting on an underappreciated underdog.
  • Player Props – Player props are a very interesting StarCraft II bet. Effectively, you are placing a bet on one player pulling off a specific condition in the game. It is an interesting market to be betting on and each betting platform will posit different props to opt into if you want to.
  • Totals – If you are looking for total bets you will notice that the totals are not so much about who is winning but whether the series will go the distance. Let’s say you are betting on a 7-game series. Then you can bet on over or under 5 games or for the series to go the distance. Once again, the betting sites you bet on will have some specific betting options for you to explore.

In-Play StarCraft 2 Betting

If you want to bet on StarCraft 2 and be a part of the action, there is a dedicated market just for that. It’s called the in-play betting market and it’s one of the best bets you can ever place. But what is in play? Well, to the layman it may make more sense to call it “live betting” markets and yes, StarCraft II is big on live betting markets.

The difference between this market and the rest is that you need to make decisions in real time. There is no time to strategize as much and there is an almost gut feeling that you need to trust in a bid to secure a winning wager. In-play bets are very popular.

They make the entire process fun and rewarding for fans, and they are definitely an increasingly popular option with betting sites that cover StarCraft II esports.

Tips on How to Bet on StarCraft 2 

If you have decided and want to bet on StarCraft II, you have come to the right place. We bring you a list of the best StarCraft II esports betting tips you can ever ask for and will walk you through each individually.

#1 Pick the Best StarCraft Betting Sites

The first thing you need to do is pick a StarCraft 2 betting site that you can enjoy because it is safe, provides you with competitive coverage, and excellent odds. As mentioned before, there are certain brands that have done so consistently well.

To find one yourself, you can simply go to the table where Esports Grizzly lists all great esports betting sites for StarCraft 2 or do your own research. We recommend using word of mouth as well and visiting Reddit as one of the best sources to start as well. Ultimately, finding a great SC2 betting site is incredibly important.

#2 Follow the SC 2 Scene Avidly

You do want to be involved with SC2 in every possible capacity possible. The best way to follow the game and understand it is to… well just do that! Watch the replays, watch the streams and listen to smart commentators or YouTube/Twitch personalities. Watch the players who stream themselves.

There are many smart people who are actually and actively trying to educate people about the StarCraft 2 scene, and this will definitely help your betting a great deal as well.

#3 Focus on Big Events and Top-Tier Competitions

With so many great esports betting events on StarCraft 2, there is hardly any need for you to be looking for lower-tier events in the first place. Rather, make sure that you are focusing and betting on the big ones, as they provide you with plenty of betting markets to enjoy and revel in. We truly advise you to go after the ESL, DreamHack and IEM events for starters, although there are many opportunities to explore when it comes to betting on esports SC2.

#4 Bet Small and for the Fun of It

If you want to go big with your StarCraft 2 betting, you will need to start small. Take your time and make sure that you understand how the bets work and what risks they invite. Focus on easy bets that bring you satisfaction and back the teams you enjoy from time to time to get that added value to your viewing experience.

Of course, as a good SC2 bettor, you need to remind yourself that just because you like a player, this doesn’t mean they will win. Instead, you need to focus on what is feasible and what bets will actually end up working for you based on each individual matchup. With this in mind, don’t rush your bets!

#5 Play the Game Yourself to Understand It Better

If you want to truly understand betting on StarCraft 2, you will need to first learn about how to be a better player yourself. Many people who get into the hobby are actually very excited about the idea and they do appreciate it big time. In other words, you have the opportunity to understand the mechanics and concepts of the game that only players do and use that knowledge to place your next bet.

Remember that the people who set the odds usually enjoy statistics and probabilities are not necessarily gamers – nor are they very familiar with StarCraft II the same way a true fan would be.

They do crunch numbers and have a very robust idea of what is going to happen net, but they are still just traders who see the numbers in terms of the “big picture.” Your successful read of one small detail though could give you a real edge.

StarCraft 2 Betting Sites: Enjoy the Game

If you insist on becoming much better at reading StarCraft 2 and making sure to place the right bets at the right time, all you need to do is simply play and appreciate the game. Esports fans are a unique breed. People who enjoy StarCraft II know how difficult and challenging it is, and mastering it takes a lot of time.

As such, esports fans who love StarCraft are keen to learn more and that is why bookmakers always find themselves challenged to price markets correctly. Make sure to leverage your passion for esports and StarCraft and use it smartly on the best StarCraft betting sites we have brought to your attention!

StarCraft II Betting Sites FAQs

Can I bet legally on StarCraft 2 esports?

Yes, you can bet legally on SC 2 esports. This still depends on what specific laws you have in your country, but overall, there is no reason why you would not be able to.

What are the best StarCraft II betting esports sites to bet on?

Cloudbet, and are three of the best esports betting sites that allow you to place wagers on SC2.

Do I need to be of a certain age to gamble on StarCraft 2?

Yes, absolutely. You need to be at least 18 or 21 years of age before you can legally bet on the outcome of a video game.

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