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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Splitgate has reached the important milestone of 10 million downloads in its beta stage
  • However, the full release will be postponed a bit, as announced by the developers
  • More news will be shared on this year’s edition of gamescom

Splitgate, 1047 Games’ innovative new shooter title, now boasts 10 million downloads. However, the game’s full release will be delayed for a bit as devs want to polish everything. 

An Impressive Feat in the Game’s Early History

Splitgate might just be the next big competitive title. Developed by studio 1047 Games, the game was described by IGN as a hybrid between Halo and Portal and is looking like a fresh addition to the first-person shooter scene. However, despite Splitgate’s beta having reached 10 million downloads, the game’s full release will have to be postponed for a little while.

The news of the impressive downloads milestone was shared on Splitgate’s official Twitter page.

Sadly, the game’s full release will have to wait a bit as the developers at 1047 Games have decided to extend the beta run. The studio’s initial plan was to get the game out around the end of July. However, this date was postponed for August and is now being postponed once again, this time for an indefinite time. 

Currently, no new release date or estimate has been given, but in the Twitter post, 1047 Games promised that some “exciting news” will be shared at the gamescom event on August 25. It is possible that the new release date will be revealed then.

Splitgate’s Sudden Rise in Popularity

Splitgate’s first beta stages were opened in 2019 for PC. However, the game plans to feature cross-play and recently launched the beta for PlayStation and Xbox. With Splitgate available on three platforms, it reached a wider audience and had its popularity grow significantly. The game promises everything that first-person shooter fans can want and is seemingly delivering on it. 

Despite being in beta, Splitgate is fully playable and includes tons of content – some of it was even planned for the full release but was given to fans earlier to keep the hype going. If that wasn’t enough, 1047 Games recently improved server wait times so that fans can join in and play almost immediately. 

Fans of shooters who want to experience a fresh title with a dynamic portal play can hop in as the game’s is currently available for free on Steam, as well as on the PlayStation Store and on the Microsoft store for Xbox. 

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