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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Rumors continue to swirl about PUBG Mobile’s return in India after a new video briefly surfaced online
  • PUBG fans have uncovered various domains registered by Krafton in the country as well as some digital assets
  • Krafton may proceed with a re-launch of the original game or look to create a slightly altered, India-exclusive game instead

Krafton is reportedly closer to a re-launch for PUBG Mobile in India after various media assets suggesting a new launch have been discovered.

PUBG Mobile Assets Stoke Rumors of a Return

PUBG Mobile was banned in India a little over a year ago for fears that the game may be related to potential data breaches and amid a short military flare-up across the Chinese-Indian border. The game, though, may now be preparing to come back to the country with a re-release already brewing.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, a renamed version of the original, is potentially the title that KRAFTON teased back in November 2020 and that the company plans to roll out in the tropical subcontinent once again.

Rumors about the return of the games have been swirling since at least last year with various assets discovered by prying community members. To further fuel speculation, Krafton has reportedly registered numerous domains, including:


Apart from this, a teaser video was posted on YouTube, but it was taken down shortly after. Nevertheless, fans have been able to catch a glance of the clip and shared screenshots online.

PUBG Mobile’s Return Date is Unknown

The official PUBG Mobile India channel did publish a video in November, promising that the game is going to be returning “soon.”

While rumors have swirled, Krafton has made no official statement as to when and in what form PUBG Mobile will make its re-entry on the Indian gaming market.  The company has been involved with the local esports community all the same.

Krafton said that it would be investing $100 million to develop the local gaming community and help the burgeoning esports industry. In addition, Krafton recently contributed $200,000 towards the COVID-19 relief efforts in the country.

The question that remains is not when PUBG Mobile is coming back but what shape it would take once it returns. Are we going to see a PUBG Mobile original or a re-released game that has been tailored specifically to the needs of the Indian community?

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