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Published: December 22, 2023

Written by: Stoyan

  • CoD: Warzone’s holiday-themed event began earlier this week
  • It has a feature where players can throw snowballs at each other
  • However, the devs removed this after it became clear the feature was broken

Warzone devs removed the snowball feature from Gulag after a viral video by DrDisrespect showed how players can’t defend themselves while being pelted.

DrDisrespect Shows Broken Feature

With the festive season upon us, many video games now have themed events running to celebrate the holidays. These include the introduction of many in-game cosmetics, sales of various kinds, and game modes with a wintery vibe. CoD: Warzone is no exception to that and the game has had pretty much all of the features mentioned above.

Warzone’s CODmas event started earlier this week and one thing that quickly became popular was the snowball fights. Snowballs are now available for players to throw at each other while they wait or watch a fight. Unfortunately, this feature was quickly taken out of the game as it turned out to be more problematic than expected.

The issues with the mode were made evident and popularized by DrDisrespect after the influential streamer posted a video on his Twitter account with a caption saying: “At this point, they’re just running out of ideas…” The short clip, which quickly makes the rounds on social media, was taken from one of Dr Disrespect’s streams. It shows the streamer loading into his one-on-one match to spawn back into the game. Unfortunately for Dr Disrespect, another player in the waiting area pelts him with snowballs to death before the timer can even reach zero.

As the fight was over before it even began, the Doc was left there speechless after what just happened. He has always been rather critical of the game he plays so it is a somewhat strange experience to see the streamer not even being able to respond at the moment.

However, his short caption on the Twitter post was still quite eloquent and it seemed to get the attention of the Warzone devs. Perhaps this is unsurprising, considering the short clip gathered more than 28,000 likes at the time of writing of this article and was shared more than 2K times.

Just a few hours after the video was uploaded, the Call of Duty Updates account announced that snowballs have been disabled in Gulag. While the announcement did not directly reference the clip that was posted by DrDisrespect, it’s safe to say that his clip contributed a lot to that decision.

It’s currently unknown if the devs plan to reintroduce the feature for the rest of the holiday event after some rebalancing or if players will be unable to pelt each other with snowballs anymore.

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