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Published: March 8, 2022

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  • The popular star will also be a member of the Board of Directors
  • The deal was launched forward by Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus
  • Snoop Dogg has before delved a lot into the gaming and streaming world

Legendary west coast rapper Snoop Dogg has joined FaZe Clan as a content creator and is also part of the Board of Directors.

Snoop Dogg Joins FaZe

One does not have to be a hip-hop enthusiast to have heard the name of popular rapper Snoop Dogg. The artist has entered the mainstream both through his quirky east coast style, and the many memes that surrounded him for many years. However, most people who know Snoop Dogg probably didn’t know he’s also an avid gamer who’s also streamed sometimes with hilarious results when he ragequits midstream and forgot to turn it off for several hours.

It seems, however, the rap star is taking his streaming more seriously as he recently joined FaZe Clan as a content creator. He will also join the organization’s board of directors after the company goes public later this year. It is expected he participate in key business initiatives, and launch merchandise with the brand as a member of the roster.

According to the PR briefing, the one who pushed Snoop to join the organization was his son Cordell Broadus. “It only makes sense to partner with FaZe Clan as both a team member and on the Board of Directors,” said Snoop Dogg. He added that young people identify with FaZe Clan, which is something his son knew, which is why he pushed for the deal.

Snoop and His New Partnership

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Snoop Dogg is expanding his activities to gaming, as he is already an established gamer. He made a big impression on Terry Crews at EA’s 2016 Battlefield 1 livestream for example.

We have already seen FaZe and Snoop interact before. For example, the organization ran a charity flag football game ahead of the Super Bowl which generated $25,000 for Snoop’s Youth Football League. FaZe Clan also said that they will be launching a “community outreach program centered around charitable activities that support youth.”

FaZe has before also had other non-professional gamers enter its ranks, like NFL star Kyler “FaZe K1” Murray, Lebron “FaZe Bronny” James Jr., Lil Yachty aka “FaZe Boat”. They are not expected to carry the organization at any Finals or anything like that but are still an important part of the brand’s identity and popularity. With Snoop Dogg’s signing, FaZe will have even more reach than before.

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