Smite is one of the most entertaining and innovative first-person MOBA games. For all intents and purposes, Smite is a whole game genre in itself and it has been largely successful. With more than 700,000 monthly players, the game is definitely of significant interest to esports bookies and fans. Today, we take a look at the top Smite esports betting sites and what they bring to the table.

We will provide you with a quick list of all the most trusted esports betting sites. The ones we have picked all come with legitimate betting options for Smite fans who are looking to emerge victorious – just like their favourite players and teams – from each contest. Let’s see what esports betting options you have to pick from!

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How We Pick the Best Smite Betting Sites

Players who are keen to get the best esports betting experience with Smite players will need to discover the most worthwhile websites. EsportsGrizzly is happy to offer you a detailed, abridged list of the top Smite bookies along with their key characteristics. If you are looking to check what our reviewing process is, we invite you to take a look at the following step-by-step guide we lose to select the most trusted Smite betting sites.

#1 Biggest Market Variety

To make the most out of your Smite betting knowledge, you will need to have a good variety of markets to bet on. There are tons of great options that you can wager on, including match winner, tournament winner, player props, totals, and many other options.

Prop bets are truly some of the best and it would be great if the esports bookie that you seek to place a wager on focused on some of the subtleties of the game that will help you elevate your own experience.

#2 Great Odds

Another thing that we look for in a great Smite bookie is whether the bookmaker offers you competitive odds. We make sure to provide you with a full range of esports odds by looking them up at the best Smite esports websites. Each brand we list is known for providing players with competitive and fair odds, which will translate into better overall returns in the long term.

#3 Quick and Reliable Cashouts

Another thing that Smite esports bettors would be looking for is quick and reliable cashouts. Banking is crucial when it comes to excellent long-term sustainability. Players cite the speed of transactions as one of their main criteria when they are looking for an esports betting site. That is why we thoroughly review bookmakers that accept Smite bets to bring you the best possible payment options, flexible banking limits, and more.

#4 In-Play Smite Betting

Another factor that Smite fans and esports bettors do look for is none other than the availability of live betting markets. In-play means that you will be able to participate in the action as it unfolds. Even though bettors place bets on live games, they do feel closer to the actual action. In-play markets offer greater value to bettors, as they will usually come with higher yields.

#5 Great Reputation and Integrity

Reputation will play an equally important role when trying to determine which bookie you pick. Esports markets can definitely be a strong incentive to join an esports betting site, but even more importantly, you want to pick a bookmaker that will actually have a great reputation for doing fairly by its players. We only list Smite esports bookmakers that will allow you to benefit from a variety of safety and integrity features.

Smite Betting Markets

Smite betting will definitely be a ton of fun, but to get the most out of your experience, you will definitely want to check out what different betting markets there are. We have listed all available options when looking to bet on Smite esports matches. Let’s take a look at what is available out there.

Match & Tournament Winners

Match and tournament winners are the simplest types of Smite bet you can place on esports events. They are easy to settle and unlike in-play betting, you need to wait until an event is wrapped up. A match-winner market is usually the most common type of bonus you can place out there, as it allows you to pick a favourite team or player and simply back them to win.

Totals and Under/Over Betting

Totals are another popular market and they are actually not about one or two players winning. Rather, what you need to do here is a bit different and it mostly has to do with the fact that you have to guess if a certain amount of kills or rounds will be played. Smite betting sites are free to choose how they adjust these markets, but generally, players can appreciate totals.

Proposition Bets

Proposition wagers are the type of esports bets where you are going to guess a very specific condition about Smite multiplayer online battle arena. You may be asked to guess which player will draw first blood, or which player will score the most kills.

There are many ways that Smite esports betting sites can offer you to guess the particular outcome of a single match and this is what prop betting is all about. Definitely one of the most fun types of bets, you will want to spend more time with this type of market. The higher reward, though, comes with a higher risk of failing.

How to Get Better at Smite Betting

There are a number of Smite betting tips that you can incorporate into your betting game to really up the chances of winning. At EsportsGrizzly we have collected a number of esports bets that will help you really get a head start on your Smite betting and incorporate a few good habits that will grow on you and let you guide your betting with precision.

Start with Small Amounts

You don’t want to bet big money on your first Smite esports bets, especially if you are new. Get a quick look at what markets there are and see if you will enjoy yourself. Players do need not big amounts either. In fact, most betting strategies will focus on you betting on match winners and consistently placing amounts that range from 1% to 2% of your total bankroll.

Pick a Trusted Esports Bookmaker

We still believe that having a good attitude towards your Smite esports betting will make all the difference. Still, you need to only stick with esports bookmakers that show true concern for players and provide you with the best Smite betting odds and market variety. There are many excellent choices to go off on, but you will definitely want to stick to top-tier bookies as they bring you the best value all and all.

Always Look for the Best Odds

As mentioned before, you do want to get a competitive edge by looking at the top Smite betting odds available. This is easy if you will only register at two bookmakers at the same time. You will benefit from quickly comparing all odds that are available to you and checking which one actually makes the most sense to you. It’s good to keep your account registered at two places so that you can benefit from the small fluctuations in the value of odds between competing bookies.

Follow Smite Esports Tournaments

To truly get an advantage and understand how Smite esports betting works, you will definitely want to also try your hand at watching and following the top competitions built around the game. Whether it’s the Smite Pro League or Smite World Championship, there are important lessons to be learned in both about how players

Play Smite Yourself

If you want to really improve your Smite betting game, you will need to play the game yourself. This is easy and fun and since Smite is F2P, you will have no trouble accessing it. Playing the game yourself will provide you with the opportunity to find out new things about the gameplay and see how the game is played and how it reacts and behaves in certain situations. This hands-on experience will make you aware of some betting aspects that can help you win more and even spot things in Smite matches that the bookmakers themselves have missed, offering you a chance to really boost the odds.

Mobile Smite Betting Sites

Mobile betting sites are a great bit of fun, especially when it comes to esports. Many fans are actually keen to watch Smite games and tournaments on their handheld devices, and combining this with the opportunity to place a bet quickly and efficiently is definitely a worthwhile option.

This is why EsportsGrizzly makes sure that any esports betting sites that we have listed and recommended here are actually capable of providing you with great mobile betting experiences. Whether you are looking to deposit, cash out your winnings, or just quickly compare the latest Smite odds, we are sure that the operators that you will find here are capable of providing you with this and more!

Final Word about Smite Betting Sites

Smite esports is a lot of fun and so far as betting on the game, there are many opportunities to turn a successful wager. The more you love the game, the better your results will be. Players who are new to Smite may prefer to spend a little time playing the game first-hand before they place their first SMite World Championship, which is arguably the best way to approach this. In the meantime, EsportsGrizzly will bring you legit bookies that offer some of the best Smite betting odds and make it possible for you to enjoy a safe and reliable experience.

Smite Betting FAQs

To get even better betting on your favorite Smite esports events and games, we recommend checking out our FAQ section where you will find the answers to in-demand questions.

Is betting on Smite games legal?

Yes, betting on Smite is legal. You still need to check what local laws in your country apply to esports betting, but you should not have any problems placing a wager on Smite. You do need to meet the minimum gambling age requirement, however, which is anything between 18 and 21, depending on your jurisdiction.

How old do I need to be to bet on major tournaments for Smite?

18 or 21. Depending on where you live. Smite bookies will be available to you if you are 18 or 21 years of age.

Can I bet safely on Smite?

Yes, you can bet safely on Smite. To do so, you still need to find the most trusted Smite betting sites. They are real money bookies that have a solid reputation and are keen to be seen as trusted authorities in the sector as they wish to provide players with the opportunity to gamble safely and reliably.

What are the best online bookmakers for Smite betting?

The best esports betting sites that accept Smite wagers will be listed at EsportsGrizzly. We urge you to take a look and see our overview of each brand or even read the dedicated review for each.

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