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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company saw record revenue months in March and April
  • Chief executive Roman Franklin said that the company is planning to continue expanding
  • Simplicity is presently negotiating listing of common stock via NYSE American or NASDAQ subject to final approval

Following prolonged lockdowns, Simplicity Esports gaming centers are almost fully back in action, reporting record revenue months for March and April ahead of a possible stock listing.

Simplicity Esports Gaming Centers Renew Operations

Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company has branched off into two distinct experiences of the video gaming industry, with one remaining focused on the purely competitive aspect of it and the other gravitating towards bringing the community together in gaming centers across North America.

Despite the pandemic, the company’s forays into the gaming center ownership have paid off as per a new press release from earlier this week. The Florida-based company saw a restart of in-person attendance of its gaming centers which led to record revenue months in both March and April.

 Simplicity Esports fully owns 15 gaming centers itself, which are presently operating at varying capacity limits ranging from 25% to 75%, and another 18 franchised gaming center locations, 11 of which have renewed operations.

In other words, esports fans are flocking back to physical locations in a gaming community center concept, not unlike the South Korean “PC BANGS.” Pent-up demand has resulted in record back-to-back months in terms of revenue, said Simplicity Esports CEO Roman Franklin, who argued that the period ended on February 28, 2021, resulted in stronger financial performance.

The success of previous months is now carried over into March and April, with both turning positive months for the company and Simplicity now planning to expand with new gaming center acquisitions and begin constructions of new locations all throughout the remainder of the year.

Covid-19 Restrictions Don’t Curb Simplicity’s Drive

“Assuming no new material COVID-19 restrictions, I believe corporate-owned gaming center profitability is achievable in the near term, as all of our corporate locations have percentage rent lease agreements with the respective landlords,” Franklin added.

The news come in a broader context of an anticipated listing on NASDAQ or NYSE American, subject to approval by both entities, with no guarantees that the listing will proceed.

Simplicity presently competes and streams in several well-established titles, including but not limited to Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile, Overwatch, League of Legends, and EA Sports games among others. Simplicity has provided no information about the revenue it has been able to drive over the reported period.

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