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Published: October 13, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Robin “⁠ScrunK⁠” Röpke is now Heroic’s new Counter-Strike assistant coach and analyst
  • He joins the team which has been struggling for the past couple of months
  • ScrunK is a Counter-Strike veteran and had a couple of short stints as a coach over the years

While Hetroic is recovering from cadiaN’s recent benching, the team is rebuilding by bringing aboard a new assistant coach and analyst in the face of 28-year-old Robin “⁠ScrunK⁠” Röpke.

Heroic Sign ScrunK

Heroic has been strangling somewhat during the last couple of months. This is perhaps in large part due to long-time in-game leader and emotional figurehead Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller’s performance lately. On October 4 he was moved to the bench after he and the organization mutually agreed this to be done. It’s currently unknown if the player will soon return to the active roster or be transferred to another team.

CadiaN and Heroic reached this decision not long after the organization’s early exit from the ESL Pro League Season 18. The team struggled from the very beginning of the tournament as BIG sent Heroic to the lower bracket from the very first match. There, the Danish org suffered two more subsequent defeats from MOUZ and Monte, which eventually sealed Heroic’s fate.

All of this prompted the team to readjust their roster. This is why the organization announced they have signed Robin “⁠ScrunK⁠” Röpke as the team’s new assistant coach and analyst. This is somewhat of an interesting choice, considering the 28-year-old former player does not have much experience coaching. Heb had a couple of brief stints with Splyce in 2015 and ALTERNATE aTTaX at the start of 2020 before moving to the starting five.

But what he lacks in coaching experience ScrunK makes up for in player experience. He has had a long career in professional Counter-Strike, starting with myKPV in 2014 and playing under Kevin “⁠kRYSTAL⁠” Amend in cowanat and ALTERNATE aTTaX, being a coach for the latter for a brief time, as we already saw. ScrunK’s most recent achievements as a player include leading Sangal to No. 33 in the world.

However, he was benched by the team in June of this year, which was the last thing ScrunK needed to decide to become a coach. “After being benched in Sangal, I kind of realized that I was at a point where I feel like I could give more as a coach than as a player, because the determination to the grind of playing countless hours simply wasn’t there,” ScrunK wrote on Twitter after Heroic’s announcement.

The 28-year-old will now use his decade-long experience to aid Heroic’s head coach Richard “⁠Xizt⁠” Landström as both prepare the team for the Roobet Cup on October 25 and wait for the fifth player to be announced. “And I’m looking forward to meeting my friends at events, even though now it will be in a different position.,” ScrunK concluded his post. “Thanks for all the support over the last 11 Years of CS:GO. Hope you continue supporting my path in CS2.”

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