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Published: September 20, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The player spent eight months with Movie Star but posted a somewhat mediocre rating
  • Despite that, he has a lot of experience playing in the professional CS scene
  • Sangul hope he will be key to the team’s success at the upcoming ESL Challenger League S46

After being released as a free agent a couple of months ago, Spanish Counter-Strike player sausol has found a new home in Sangul’s lineup.

Sangul Acquire Sausol

Pere “⁠sausol⁠” Solsona Saumell has completed the Counter-Strike roster of Turkish/Dutch organization Sangul, the team announced yesterday. The 23-year-old player comes in to replace Caner “⁠Soulfly⁠” Kesici, who left the organization earlier this month after spending more than two years as part of Sangul.

This also marks a pivotal point for sausol, who has not had much chance to play these last couple of months. In July of this year, he was made a free agent by his former organization, Movistar Riders, and only managed to participate in a handful of maps in the CCT North Europe Series 7 Closed Qualifier as part of a SQUAD mix-team.

Sausol‘s removal from Movie Star’s main lineup came as somewhat of a surprise to many, as the organization had spent a lot of time and effort to initially acquire him. Unfortunately, they seem to have miscalculated, as the 23-year-old player didn’t seem to find proper footing in the squad during the eight months he spent with them. He averaged a somewhat mediocre 0.99 rating while with the jinetes, a career-lowest average across all his teams. That being said, it was not all bad as sausol managed to help his team win the ESL Challenger Melbourne in April.

Despite his less-than-stellar rating, sausol brings something very important to Sangul’s lineup – experience. The player has been active in the professional CS:GO scene since 2018, when he started out in HOLAQUETAL. Over the next two years, he played in various other Spanish teams, until he was recognized by MAD Lions, with whom sausol signed his first contract with a big team. He stayed with the organization for almost a year, helping the team in several major events, including winning the Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Fall: European Open Qualifier #1 in August of 2021.

Sausol’s experience would prove beneficial for Sangul, who have recorded a handful of wins in online competitions but struggled to consistently make deep runs in events. Their next big challenge, and a place for the newly-acquired player to prove himself, is going to be the ESL Challenger League Season 46 Europe, which starts on October 5.

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