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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

Matthew “super” DeLisi has decided to leave the Overwatch League after realizing he had lost his passion for competing.

Super Announced His Decision to Retire

The Overwatch League has taken a big blow as Matthew “super” DeLisi, the top athlete in terms of online following, has decided to quit the esports scene. The player used to play for San Francisco Shock as a tank but has now opted to wrap up his four-year-long professional career.

In the last few months, super was growing increasingly disgruntled with how Activision Blizzard is handling Overwatch and the game’s esports scene. While he did never regret being a part of the OWL, fans became aware that he is having second thoughts.

With Overwatch 2 on the way, training took a toll on super. As Blizzard prepares to release an early build of the game, teams are frantically looking to adapt to the changes it is going to bring. Tank players, such as super, are in a precarious position as the developers decided to scrap one of the tank slots and switch to a 5 versus 5 format.

During the last few weeks of training, super grew more and more tired until he realized that he does not have the same passion for the game as before. The athlete said that he is sorry to his teammates and fans but really feels that quitting the OWL is the best decision.

Super Was One of the Best Players in the League

Super played professionally for four seasons but he was signed to San Francisco Shock a year before his true career began. A prodigy at Overwatch, super was 17-years-old when he got into the team and had to wait another year before being able to compete in the official league.

Super was one of San Francisco Shock’s mainstay players and never left the team in his career. His skills helped the franchise become the first one to win two OWL seasons in a row, defeating Vancouver Titans and Seoul Dynasty for the champion’s title in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Super was not only a professional athlete but a public personality as well. He boasts hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitch and YouTube. Super has appeared on The Tonight Show twice and was a beloved player whom many will miss.

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