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Published: May 18, 2022

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  • Vincent “Violet” Wong might be rejoining PEACE if rumors are to be believed
  • The ADC played only 20 games in with his current team Star Oceanic
  • PEACE’s current bot laner Wang “Chayon” Yun-Cheng might stay as a substitute

Vincent “Violet” Wong will be leaving Star Oceanic after a short three-month stint with Golden Guardians in LCS Academy.

Violet Might Be Leaving Star Oceanic

When signing for a team, players usually play for at least one season before deciding to either move to a different roster, or to renew their contract. It is rare for a player to stay with a newly signed team for just a few months, but according to Dot Esports’ sources, this is exactly what Vincent “Violet” Wong will be doing.

Violet is currently Star Oceanic’s bot laner, but he might soon be rejoining PEACE following a three-month stint with Golden Guardians in LCS Academy. The champion from LCO 2021 will be pairing up with Vicent “Gunkrab” Lin who is role-swapping to support to play alongside his former Avant Gaming teammate.

Violet’s departure after just 20 games played in Academy is due to many issues the player has had over the past few months, including visa-related problems. His former team, PEACE, jumped at the opportunity to re-sign Violet to their roster and it is expected current support David “Beats” Nguyen-Dang will leave the organization. Meanwhile, PEACE’s current bot laner Wang “Chayon” Yun-Cheng might stay as a substitute.

What Will This Mean for PEACE?

If PEACE re-signs Violet, this will immediately boost their chances in the upcoming Oceanic season. The star AD carry drew the eyes of several interested LCS organizations by becoming the best in his role at the end of last year. However, several visa issues prevented plans from happening.

Gunkrab, Violet’s latest bot lane partner, has been playing on the Oceanic scene for more than five years now. He made his OPL debut with Avant in 2019 and briefly role-swapped to support in 2020 to bring Violet into the squad for OPL Split Two playoffs. While Avant was bundled out of the postseason by ORDER in a 3–1 battle, the pair didn’t look out of place together in the duo lane.

In 2021, the Australian bot laner returned to the ADC role when he joined Dire Wolves’ veteran-comprised roster. Gunkrab played two splits that year alongside two-time OPL champ Cupcake. Dire Wolves finished top four twice across their LCO campaigns.

Meanwhile, PEACE did not manage to defend its Oceanic throne in Split One this year. They had to leave the playoffs after losing to PGG and ORDER via back-to-back 3–0 sweeps. The team hopes their fortunes will turn if they re-sign Violet.

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