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Published: January 18, 2022

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  • Esports betting organizer Rivalry hires a new Vice President of Marketing
  • Liam Doherty’s new responsibilities will include developing new global marketing campaigns
  • Rivalry is sitting on millions of dollars, ready to be invested in their plans for 2022

Large media and esports betting company Rivalry recently appointed Liam Doherty as its new Vice President of Marketing with plans for expanding its influence in 2022.

Rivalry Gets a New VP of Marketing

As esports saw huge growth over the past two years, more and more traditionally not-videogame-related companies are striving to get a position in the market. One such company is Rivalry, which is capitalizing on the rising betting scene in esports.

Recently the company has hired Liam Doherty as its VP of Marketing. In his new role, Doherty will be responsible for developing and executing global campaigns, whose goal is to further the company’s business objectives and brand goals. Doherty will also have to do a lot of cross-department collaboration. The goal is for campaigns, activations, and social media posts to be well-integrated with the sportsbook’s betting experience.

Steven Salz, Rivalry CEO and Co-founder said that Doherty’s hiring represents a substantial change to the way marketing campaigns in Rivalry are now going to be run. “His experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world from Old Spice to Popeyes to Adidas, and the style of his approach, is a perfect match for us, and what is needed to take Rivalry’s global presence to the next level,” Salz said, adding that this is a symbol to what the public might expect from the company in 2022.

More About Doherty and Rivalry

Doherty has worked with some of the biggest names in the world, making marketing campaigns for the likes of Pizza Hut, Adidas, Nike, Google. According to EsportsInsider, the new VP of Marketing’s experience with world-famous brands will benefit both him and Rivalry as a whole.

Speaking of Rivalry, the company has seen massive growth over the last two years. The wagering operator largely benefitted from the rise in esports popularity, which itself was largely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As traditional sports venues and stadiums were closed, people searched for new entertainment, and many found such in esports. Because of their virtual nature, video games can be played and broadcasted online, even if in-person events were canceled.

Rivalry was at the right place at the right time to benefit from the ever-rising popularity of esports, and its accompanying betting scene. The operator recently reported the position of a whopping $43 million in cash with no dept, going into 2022. We will see how the company will, with the aid of Doherty, invest that large capital.

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