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Published: April 26, 2021

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  • Riot continues moving forward to improve the League of Legends client that has long been plagued with issues
  • The team occupied with the client stability listed minor changed and talked about the importance of updating the Chronium Embedded Framework
  • Riot’s representatives promise to also update the social panel and address a crash issue

Per players demand, Riot Games continues to work on smoothing out League of Legends client performance.

The Game Client Issues: What Need to Be Worked On

The League of Legends client has been experiencing severe issues for the past year and has become the subject of a strong player demand to take action. Riot has been working on it to resolve some of the issues but has much work left to do.

With the goal of updating players on the progress, the developer team has made a special blog for the ongoing work. In the seventh post there Riot Am1t, Id, Failed Execution, and Aotus made a list of minor changes that have already been implemented. These changes are small by themselves but will serve as a strong foundation for the bigger updates to come.

The team working on the client changes announced that a Chronium Embedded Framework update is crucial. The CEF is what serves as a central web browser and is currently the core of the performance issues. By bettering the CEF, the team will not only improve performance, FPS, and lower crash rate but will also make it easier for making other improvements to be made afterward.

Riot’s goal is to finish reworking the CEF by the end of July.

Among the other issues that demand action, is the social bar that has frequently caused headaches to the players by failing to connect them to their friends. Riot promises to look into it and completely rework the coding.

Two last things that the team will look into are the common issue where the client crashes upon a match’s end and the more unusual issue where some people enter champ select a few seconds later than the other players.

Riot announced that Javascript errors have lowered in number but need to be further improved to meet the game’s standards.

Riot’s been hard at work to make its games as good and well-performing as possible. The company has been addressing as many issues as it possibly can. Other than performance issues, Riot recently promised to look into queue skippers and earlier vowed to fight feeders in Wild Rift.

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