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Published: September 27, 2021

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  • According to reports the LCK teams have arrived in Iceland on a private jet
  • The endeavor has cost around $345,000 according to an estimate
  • Riot continues to prove its dedication to the community by ensuring that all the teams arrive

The LCK teams have arrived safely for the World Championship 2021, thanks to Riot Games’ help.

The Korean Teams Have Landed Safely

According to reports from esports news outlet Korizon Esports, Riot Games has lent its help to the teams from the League of Legends Championship Korea by offering them transportation to the World Championship 2021.

The report states that Riot Games took the LCK teams to Iceland, Europe, on a private jet. Korizon Esports backed this claim with flight-tracking data. Korizon founder Ashley Kang reported that the teams have arrived in Iceland safely thanks to Riot’s efforts and dedication.

Having all teams arrive in a timely manner is of crucial importance to global esports events. Sadly, the pandemic has made it arduous for foreign teams, especially ones from far-away regions, to get to the events. Luckily Riot has vowed to help the teams from all regions, near and far, get to the event.

Earlier this year there was a similar travel situation with League of Legends’ competitor Dota 2 where the Chinese teams had to be taken with a private flight to the AniMajor because of visa complications.

League of Legends Worlds 2021’s Turbulent Organization

The World Championship this year was originally planned to take place in China. However, pandemic-related travel issues prevented Riot’s employees from safely getting to the country, which led to the event getting relocated to Iceland.

With Worlds being a global esports tournament, Riot had to take in mind 15 different regions and all their respective teams and players. The game company’s decision to take the four Korean teams with a private jet will help to mitigate the possible COVID-19 damage as the players’ interactions with other people will be minimized.

Marc “Ceadrel” Lamont, a prominent League of Legends content creator who is currently working with Korean organization DRX, estimated that using the private jet for the Korean teams had cost $345,000.

Riot had reportedly also offered to ensure a safe and convenient travel method for players from Vietnam but this year there will be no VCS teams playing at the World Championship.

To end on a fun note, community member Rushil joked that while Korean team members will get to fly to Iceland on a comfortable private plane, the European players will have to swim across the Atlantic.

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