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Published: December 8, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Hwei is the newest champion on the League of Legends roster
  • However, he currently has the lowest win rate of all characters
  • Fans think that Riot’s emergency buff might not be enough to fix this

Riot Games released an emergency patch to buff the struggling new LoL champion Hwei, but many think his complex gameplay is the core of his low scores.

Riot Buffs Hwei

Having been released on December 6 alongside Patch 13.24, Hwei is the latest addition to League of Legends’ ever-expanding roster of champions. However, like many that have come before him, the character still has some initial problems that have to be sorted out.

To address these issues, Riot Games has released an emergency patch that will buff the champion, as he is struggling quite a lot in the meta. The mana cost of his Q ability was reduced in the early game while his QQ, EQ, EW, and EE abilities have all had their damage increased.

Hwei’s patch could not come faster, considering his poor performance over the two days he’s been playable in the game. Part of the problem might be that since he is new, players are simply unfamiliar with his skills and gameplay. That being said, considering he has an abysmal 33% win rate, according to the stats tracking website U.GG, there is likely much more to the problem than players not being used to him.

Will This Fix Hwei?

Despite Riot acting relatively quickly on the matter, many fans think this is not a proper solution. According to a lot of them, Hwei’s low standing in the meta is not due to the individual strength of his abilities, but rather to the high complexity of his kit. He has ten different abilities, with each being different stances, featuring three possible effects, which are painting shapes. His Passive and Ult are also a bit of a pain to get your head around.

Interestingly, the champion’s initial troubles might not have been so big had Riot not intervened earlier in his development. A couple of weeks ago, while he was still tested on the Public Beta Environment, Hwei received a lot of nerfs in preparation for his release on December 6. It seems, however, that Riot may have overdone on that.

Not many other champions have had such a low win rate when they have been released. One recent example of this phenomenon is Briar, whose win rate remarkably passed 50% after it hit a rock bottom 34% when she was first introduced.

Chances are that Hwei will follow in her footsteps and climb in the meta from his current low level, but this will likely take time and more updates as Riot tries to balance the champs’ skills and difficulty level.

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