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Published: June 12, 2022

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  • Split is back to ranked Valorant less than 24 hours after it was first disabled
  • The reason for the disablement is likely an exploit that Jett mains could take unfair advantage of
  • Riot also teased a new aquatic-themed map coming soon

About a day after VALORANT’s map Split was disabled from the ranked queue, Riot Games re-enabled it and got rid of the Jett exploit.

Split Is Back

Many gamers often like to use whatever means necessary to gain an advantage over their opponents. This sometimes includes abusing glitches that break the gameplay and just cause general annoyance. Often, game devs are forced to temporarily take out certain game features, items, or whatever the glitched object is to fix the problem.

It is speculated this is the reason VALORANT developer Riot Games took the map Spit out of the competitive queue recently, only to re-enable it again earlier today. Although Riot did not give an official explanation for it temporarily disabling the map, it clearly is to fix some kind of exploit. “Split is temporarily out of the Competitive queue while we work to fix a map exploit,” the Twitter announcement said. Nevertheless, Riot seems to have quickly fixed the issue from the early hours of June 10, Split is once again available in the ranked queue.

 What Exactly Was the Problem?

The exploit Riot is talking about is most likely a popular Jett updraft exploit that allowed the character to land on a light above Heaven toward the A-site. The problem was discussed widely on Reddit and other social platforms before Riot took action.

Jett players were able to use the updraft on the lights from the boxes toward the defenders’ side of the map, which allowed them to watch over the entirety of heaven. Attacking players rarely checked above them since this spot was thought to be inaccessible. The attackers would then be mowed down from above without ever knowing what hit them.

Holding such an angle that enemy players are not likely to check, and being accessible only by Jett, is obviously a game-breaking exploit, thus many VALORANT players reported the problem. Several have tested if the bug still works after Riot re-introduced Split to the queue, but none have managed it.

As well as fixing the issue with Split, Riot Games also teased a new aquatic-themed map today. The teaser image shows a Portuguese text that translates to “Celebrate our city, the wonder under the waves, and day of the sanctuary.”

There is yet no official date when the new map will be released.

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