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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Riot Games will be working with Verizon for a training program for female casters
  • Six lucky women will have the opportunity to visit the Verizon 5G lab in California
  • There they will be taught the fundamentals of professional esports casting with focus on VALORANT

Riot Games is partnering with Verizon for an exciting Game Changers-branded program that aims to bring more female casters to esports.

A Good Opportunity For Aspiring Casters

Riot Games is pushing forward with its VALORANT Game Changers initiative by introducing a training program for female casters. Six women will be selected and invited to the Verizon 5G lab in Playa Vista, California where their skills as casters will be honed.

The caster program was launched yesterday, September 1, in collaboration with the network provider Verizon. The VALORANT Verizon Game Changers caster program is open for applicants of all backgrounds from the United States and Canada.

The lucky six women who make the cut will be provided all the tools for taking their craft a step further. Riot Games has prepared cutting-edge technology and all the equipment a professional broadcaster may need. The women will have access to a virtual production stage and will be guided by professionals in the industry.

The six casters will be trained on all the important matters in casting: fundamental principles of commentary in tactical FPS, how to cast with a partner, building your brand online, the relationship between casters and the broadcast team, and more.

A More Inclusive Esports Future

Riot’s aim is to raise a new, more inclusive, generation of gamers by nurturing female gamers and women in the industry. This caster training is planned as a first in a series of similar events.

The Game Changers initiative is the first step towards an esports world that includes women and marginalized genders. Verizon is happy to support the Game Changers program as it concurs with the network provider’s own philosophy of inclusivity.

The program has already seen several professional women-exclusive VALORANT events that have led to the creation of numerous all-female esports teams.

Tanks to this success, Riot has decided to launch it for League of Legends as well. The latter program will work similarly to the current casters program as women will be invited to a highly-equipped boot camp where they will be taught the principles of professional gaming by esports veterans.

Both the VALORANT Verizon caster program and the LCS Game Changers have their applications open. However, women interested in the LCS program should hurry up as they only have until tomorrow, September 3.

Aspiring casters can take it easier as the applications will be open for almost two more weeks until September 12. Enthusiasts can find more information in the official release.

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