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Published: February 8, 2024

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • VALORANT Champions Tour’s start is just around the corner
  • Fans can access news and streams for the circuit directly from the game client
  • Riot promises various improvements to the feature throughout the VCT

VALORANT’s Esports Hub gives Riot Games a better way to integrate esports with the wider community as fans can access news and streams more easily.

Riot Relaunches Esports Hub

Only a few days separate us from the start of this year’s VALORANT Champions Tour and developers Riot Games are busy preparing everything for the premier circuit. Communication with fans about the various events that comprise the VCT is one of the main things Riot has to think about and to facilitate this, the company announced that VALORANT’s Esports Hub is back.

The feature is directly integrated into VALORANT’s homepage and provides players with ways to find information about upcoming events, professional teams, and games. It was first introduced last year and helped connect the wider VALORANT community to the esports series. In the game’s latest patch notes, Riot Games promised more improvements coming further down the line.

“As we progress throughout the season, global events like VCT Masters Madrid will unlock in the hub with even better tournament visualizations and brackets so you can keep up with all the action,” the patch notes read. Additionally, there will be a filterable schedule page for the VCT International Leagues. Furthermore, fans will be able to click on official VCT streams directly from within the client itself.

It’s Part of Riot’s Strategy to Popularize the Esports

VALORANT is somewhat unique among other FPS titles for the way it integrates its esports into its wider fan base. Since its launch of the game in 2020, Riot has pursued many ways to expand the professional ecosystem. Aside from the Esports Hub, the FPS also has its own built-in path-to-pro ecosystem called VALORANT Premier.

Riot Games also often releases VCT-themed skins that provide revenue-sharing opportunities for selected organizations during major esports events. According to Leo Faria, Global Head of VALORANT Esports, the company distributed more than $33 million to organizations via digital item revenue in 2023. All of this has played a big role in popularizing the esports circuit to the point that the VCT Americas Kickoff event saw tickets being sold out in hours.

Alongside that tournament, February will also see the start of VALORANT’s three other franchised international leagues — VCT Americas. VCT Pacific, VCT EMEA, and the newly debuting VCT China. So far, 2024 promises to be a good year for the game and the sport.

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