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Published: September 13, 2021

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  • Titanfall 2 was recently revealed to be compromised and possibly leaking player data
  • Concerned fans began to spread the news and uninstall the game
  • After a bit of research, Respawn Entertainment claims that no sensitive user data was exposed

Respawn Entertainment tries to calm down Titanfall 2 players by reassuring them that the game’s vulnerabilities haven’t caused a player data leak.

Titanfall 2’ Worrying Breach

Respawn Entertainment’s games have been the subject of numerous hacker attacks. The most recent one was against Respawn’s sci-fi shooter Titanfall 2 where the attackers caused an issue where they affected people’s computers or consoles directly.

This evidently caused a ton of concerns to the game’s fanbase. People were worried that hackers may have gotten their sensitive personal data. The fear spread to the masses and some people even started advising others to delete the game from their devices until a fix is put in place.

According to reports, the game had a fatal bug that allowed local code execution from the server, leading to an inherent vulnerability that comes with starting the software. The main concern was that starting Titanfall exposes one’s computer to hackers and lets them install software on it at will. Players were panicking from the prospects of getting infected with malware and some even believed that simply having Titanfall 2 on their machines is enough to bring them harm.

There Is Likely No Danger to Players’ Devices or Data

Seeing the major concerns of players and the possibility of a serious breach, Respawn Entertainment quickly started investigating the issue. On September 8 they made an announcement where they confirmed that they know about the problem and tried to calm down fans by promising to provide an update when they had learned more.

As promised day later the game company made an update. It stated that the issue is still being investigated but is most likely a harmless exploit.

“We’re still investigating this issue but our engineers believe that we’re dealing with a simple exploit that can be used to crash games,” the update reads. Respawn Entertainment added that there is probably no risk for players’ sensitive data or to their devices’ integrity.

Respawn Entertainment has experience in dealing with cyber attacks so there is probably no reason for concern. Still, if some people are still concerned, it is perhaps better for them to wait until the next update before deciding to reinstall the game.

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