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Published: March 24, 2023

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  • Yet another chief TSM employee has left the organization recently
  • CEO Reginald took to social media to give a brief explanation of why this is the case
  • His update left much to be desired as fans felt it did not explain enough

A too-rapid expansion, TSM CEO Reginald said, is the reason why the organization has had multiple problems in the past months that caused the departure of some high-ranking employees.

Reginald Finally Speaks

TSM has not had a very good time so far in 2023. The team failed to qualify for the LCS Playoffs, which caused the departure of two staff members working within their LCS team, including the leaving of TSM COO Walter Wang last week. 

The sudden surge of departures from the organization has left many to wonder why and how it has come to this and ask questions about the future of the organization. Some of these questions were answered by TSM CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh who took to Reddit to clear up some of the confusion. 

The short of it is that the organization expanded too quickly, which hindered it financially. “With the economic downturn, we made the necessary changes to be sustainable,” Reginald’s response on Reddit reads. The CEO explained that TSM’s current LoL team is “stronger and more performant”, although considering its recent performance, that might not be exactly the case. 

Reginald also stated that the departures of Wang, as well as that of VP of esports operations Dominic Kallas in early March, have not had a negative impact on TSM. The CEO also said that he will be taking a more hands-on approach and that TSM has already “put the right decision makers in place to be more successful long term”. Currently, Reginald hasn’t revealed who those decision-makers are or what the future of TSM will look like. 

Furthermore, Reginald concluded by saying that the organization is currently busy working on many things and he will not be able to give out any announcements soon, giving a lengthy time before the next update. “We’re in the process of figuring multiple things out and will not be able to make any sort of announcement until everything is final and complete. Expect a minimum of 4-5 months,” he wrote.

Finally, the TSM CEO promised he would make a post later on why the organization decided to invest less into LCS this season. TSM’s LoL team has notoriously had the lowest budget heading into the 2023 season of any other team.

Naturally, this was not been taken too well by fans, many arguing that the time given is way too long. “’Minimum’ of 4-5 months. So, in other words, could take a year or two,” one fan sarcastically wrote. “Is this a prank?” another one laconically asked.

It seems that Reginald’s updates had not quelled the fans’ anxiety about the future of TSM, as they await further updates about the organization.

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