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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Raven Software has ramped up its efforts to limit the damage left by hackers in Call of Duty Warzone
  • A new tool allows the company to clamp down on hacked accounts that were previously sold for $2,000 at online marketplaces
  • The improved security measures are already yielding results, with Raven Software spearheading the offense against 

Raven Software’s new measures against hacked accounts force black markets to put up a “sold out” sign in retreat.

Raven Software Cracks Down on Hacked Accounts, With Success 

Call of Duty Warzone has been severely criticized for failing to address rampant hacking offenses. Cheaters have been wreaking havoc in the game for months now, prompting many talented and skilled players to move to VALORANT, Apex Legends, and other shooters, and all of this in the context of Activision reportedly making $3,650 per minute from Call of Duty Warzone.

Activision’s inaction, though, may finally be changing as the company that works on Warzone, Raven Software, seems determined to help stop hackers and fight them back. Step one? Crackdown on illegal marketplaces that allow people to purchase hacked accounts.

The developers and publisher have put a distinct focus on transparency, allowing players to know how the game is being improved. Quick action was elicited from the higher-ups when players began quitting the game ahead of a Season 5, stating that they would not play Warzone again until the issue of cheating is reigned in or fixed completely.

To ameliorate the situation, Raven Software introduced a new feature that informs players whether cheaters have been banned during their session, and the company began targeting spoofers to eliminate as many offenders as possible. 

Time to Put a Stop to Hacking in Warzone 

However, Raven Software is not stopping there. It has developed a way to track down hacked accounts and cut access, as well as track down the hackers. There has been a thriving black market for such accounts, with cheaters able to sell a single account at $2,000 apiece

A hacked account doesn’t mean that someone has been robbed out of their account, though. Rather, it’s a master account where you can access the game in its entirety, with all skins, operators, and weapons already waiting for you when you log in. 

Black markets were unimpressed at first, putting a “sold out” sign at the front door, but it later transpired that they had been struggling with the new security measures that made it much harder to hack an account, or let alone unlock everything.

In Discord channels, though, hackers have been happy to oblige with customers’ demands and assist them in unlocking various features. Only this time, the hackers would be selling knowledge, but not an actual account. 

Yet, hacking is still a grave issue that threatens the very continuity of Warzone as a franchise. Call of Duty’s first battle royale game with a massive financial and community success, and Raven Software will be inclined to fight for its title.

The improved tracing tool the company is using is already giving results, but Raven Software will need consistent results to convince players to come back.  

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