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Published: March 11, 2021

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  • Peruvian player Aretes was accused of using racial slurs in a Dota 2 game
  • Aretes got suspended from his team Latam Defenders and later got banned from the BTS Pro Series Five
  • Aretes later apologized and promised to try and keep his composure for the future

Latam Defenders member Aretes was condemned for racist behavior, which got him suspended from the team and banned from BTS Pro Series 5.

Peruvian Player Aretes Gets in Trouble for Racist Slurs

Jeanpierre “Aretes” Perez is a Peruvian player who joined team Latam Defenders to participate in Dota Pro Circuit 2021. However, Aretes quickly lost composure and, during a game, started name-calling his opponent using racist slurs. 

Perez’s teammates tried to calm him down, but, as opponent player Andrew “Jubei” Evelyn pointed out, Aretes was losing by a huge margin and was probably angry. Director of MoonduckTV Andrew “Zyori” Campbell condemned Aretes on Twitter. 

The complaints soon reached the higher-ups at Latam Defenders, who were quick to suspend Perez from the team. The organization definitely wasn’t content and denounced any such behavior. They promise to be more diligent in ensuring their players won’t act that way in the future. 

Aretes was also banned from BTS Pro Series 5 and will be unable to receive any prize. His team will be allowed to continue with a different player in Aretes’ place. Latam Defenders will take Junior “Yadomi” Rimari as a substitute to their suspended member. 

Jeanpierre Perez later apologized. He didn’t dispute any of the punishments. Aretes said that he firmly believes “mistakes teach” and that he will use his own mistake as a lesson. He promises to take more caution for the future. The player finally added that he is really sorry to his teammates and fans who were affected by his behavior.  

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