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Published: May 17, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

C. Kovventh is the Skyesports League Operations and Executive, and the organization is one of the most significant esports initiatives in India. In a country of a billion people where the competitive video gaming potential is measurable to this in North America, the market is only beginning to develop.

Thanks to organizations such as Skyesports, though, we can expect to see Indian esports make more headlines in the years to come. In fact, once the full esports potential in India is realized, it may very well eclipse the rest of the world. To better understand where esports is headed, we have asked C. Kovventh a few questions about the state of the state in the country. 

Q: You recently revealed the AMD Ryzen Skyesports League, which is now underway. The title you have focused on is Valorant. Do you anticipate big interest for Valorant in the country? 

A: Yes, as it’s a fast-growing community, you can see how all gamers are adapting to the game and driving interest in the Valorant community as a whole.

Q: India has produced some of the best mobile gamers, and the country’s successes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are undeniable. Is there a particular reason why mobile gaming is so popular, and do you think desktop gaming is catching up? 

A: Yes, after the ban of PUBG, all mobile gamers have decided to search for a new game, and that’s where PC games come in and specifically Valorant, which requires accessible hardware specs. The game has had a huge impact on the Indian PC gaming community already, and the PC ecosystem is becoming more widely recognized. 

Q: Where is esports in India today compared to 10 years ago? What have been some of the most significant achievements over the years?

A: Esports has made a drastic market increase as many games have come to both mobile and PC consumers. Many players have started to recognize gaming and esports as a carrier, and many foreign organizations have noticed and decided to enter India. We expect many more to keep coming.

Q: What are the specific challenges that you think need to be addressed urgently in the country for esports to thrive?

A: If you ask me, the main thing is making comparisons on a per-game basis when comparing India to other countries such as the UK, Japan, and so on. We definitely lack knowledge about certain games that we should be showing more interest in, and we should definitely broaden our focus.

Q: How committed is Skyesports to nurturing competitive video gaming, and what have you been doing as an organization to support it? 

A: We care about competitive video gaming, and we are trying to implement and learn new games as well as launch events for them.

Q: Has the pandemic taken a toll on esports in India? 

A: Yes, but in a positive way. We have seen a bigger involvement in viewership and player bases. More people are showing interest in esports as a result.

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