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Published: March 17, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

Organization.GG elicited strong interest from investors in the company’s most recent funding round, adding $610,000 to its war chest to help its pending forays into the North American market. 

Among those investing were established names such as WePlay Esports, QPDigital, and others who have predicted the success of Organization.GG and streaming trends in general. The platform runs a sort of digital marketplace where players, streamers, and coaches can monetize their expertise.

Not just that, but unlike other streaming solutions, Organization.GG seeks a genuine connection between fans and esports personalities. A place, as WePlay Esports managing partner Oleg Krot puts it, where fans “get a chance to play or interact with the streamer on a more personal level.” 

Taking on the rather ambitious job to find new connections between esports audiences and personalities, Organization.GG co-founder and CEO Dima Okhrimchuk is confident in the project’s outlook, and so are we. 

Q: It’s exciting to see Organization.GG grow at the pace it has. Could you help our readers find out a little more about who you are and what you do?

Sure, my pleasure! Organization.GG is a marketplace that helps streamers and pro gamers (PROs) to boost income by offering gaming Experiences to their supporters. Think of Cameo tailored for online experiences around gaming.

Our first CS:GO Experience for the first time allows fans to play back to back with their favorite PROs in 5 vs. 5 live-streamed matches. Since the number of slots for each match is limited, we integrated sweepstakes and bidding. This, on the one hand, uncaps PROs earnings. And on the other hand, for the first time, it allows fans to play and communicate with their favorite PROs.

We are also in the final discussions with four Esports organizations to join the platform. This will give an opportunity to their fans to become part of the PRO CS:GO team during competitive matches! This was unimaginable in traditional sports, but Esports does not have these limitations! 

Soon we will add new Experiences (1vs1, coaching, game reviews, video greetings), as well as new games. We are also launching tournaments with valuable prizes for PROs and their fans.

Our vision is to empower PROs to build and grow their community of supporters through gaming Experiences.

Q: Securing investment and WePlay’s trust is a huge milestone as the company is considered one of the best esports tournament organizers. How could Organization.GG help build upon WePlay’s proven experience? 

Getting WePlay Esports onboard was very important for us. Their team has profound experience and vision in the sector. Seeing them as excited about the opportunity as us was a huge confidence booster and a green light for other investors. 

We are exploring a number of ways to collaborate, including integrations during official CS:GO tournaments, launching a series of show matches, etc.

Q: With Twitch dominating the streaming market, do you see Organizaition.GG as a worthwhile contender adding a new type of product that empowers consumers and personalities more than existing streaming options?

Twitch is by far the dominant player in the streaming market, and we are not here to compete against them. On the opposite, we are augmenting the experience for the users. Now PROs and their supporters are not only limited to a chat on Twitch but can actually play and communicate together within competitive matches or tournaments. 

Q: What drove you to create Organization.GG in the first place? Was it a lack of existing products or an ambition to give streaming your own spin? 

About two years ago, I was managing an Esports organization. It was a small team, and we could not find a sponsor for the guys, so we had to shut down the venture and let the players go. I felt for that and started looking for tools on how they can continue to do what they loved – playing games and streaming. Eventually, this search led to what is now called Organization.GG.  

Q: How do you think new technology is going to alter the esports and gaming streaming experience?

VR, AR, cloud gaming are all fairly new tech solutions that could boost and augment the development of both Esports and streaming. I don’t think we are going to see any major effect of these tech in the next year or so, but I am sure they could make an interesting twist in the sector.

Q:  Is the sky the limit for Organization.GG? Is there even a limit?

I will be a little bit philosophical here and say that we are only limited in time. Everything else does not have limits.

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