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Published: December 13, 2021

Written by: David Kent

Meet the fastest-growing esports company in Asia (and well beyond). Ampverse is perhaps what we would call an investor, and its investment is the future of competitive video gaming in the region.

The company’s stated goal is simple – discover talented teams and provide them with the infrastructure they would need to scale up their play on every level (both inside and outside of the game).

With a strong footprint in traditional esports bastions such as Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and most recently India, Ampverse is one of the most exciting esports investors to watch this year.

The company is not hiding its plans to further expand in Indonesia and the Philippines, two other markets with rich gaming history.

Today, we have a sit-down with company co-founder and CEO Ferdinand Gutierrez who will shed more light on the amazing venture that is Ampverse.

 Q: Ampverse recently expanded in India. Was this a part of a well-structured plan or an opportunity that you identified and seized?

FG: We saw the 7Sea acquisition as an opportunity for Ampverse to expand outside Southeast Asia. The size of the market is huge and is poised for exponential growth. With the Indian market still in a nascent stage, Ampverse aims to unlock the potential of this market through this young and vibrant 7Sea team.

Q: How is Ampverse’s mission different from, say, the established powerhouses in the esports space?

FG: Ampverse is unique in that we are a holdings company that owns multiple esports team brands in multiple markets. We truly believe in a hyper-local approach to esports as Southeast Asia is not a homogenous market, and each country needs new local esports heroes for our teams to build fanbase and thrive.

Q: Do you feel overwhelmed with running so many successful teams at the same time?

FG: It can be a bit daunting, but we have a proven blueprint that gives us the infrastructure to scale our ability to manage teams. We diligently follow the same approach in every market to ensure uniformity in achieving the goals of each esports franchise. Our goal is to bridge the world of competitive gaming and entertainment as we have brand ambassadors to also serve mainstream lifestyle and entertain audiences, rather than just only hardcore gaming fans.

Q: Is there a point at which a brand fails to deliver on Ampverse’s expectations?

FG: Not sure what this question means, but if you are talking about an esports team that fails to deliver on their goals and objectives, we must first analyze where there was failure or disconnect to assess possible solutions to make the proper changes to succeed.

Since all our teams are relatively new, we tend to take a longer and considered approach via our blueprint to ensure the brands can manage failure by learning from the past to improve and find the path to viability.

Q: Do you reckon the teams you help shape are a net benefit for the industry?

FG: Our net benefit to the industry from a business perspective would be in our ability to diversify and manage esport team revenue. We understand the value of the fanbases of our teams and we will be a leader in understanding, connecting, and monetizing based on a data-driven approach.

From a wider angle, we’re also giving opportunities to esports players that come from a variety of backgrounds and invest in this talent to be successful at the highest levels. We believe that esports and gaming should be inclusive and can break longstanding traditional barriers that have existed to uphold an archaic status quo. This belief is a cornerstone for us, and we will continue to champion this throughout our existence.

Q: What is the biggest challenge Ampverse faces on daily basis?

FG: Our biggest challenge is building a unified culture within all the franchises. Since our teams are in different markets, they naturally have a different way of working and interacting. Our challenge is to bridge cultural gaps to ensure harmony for the overall growth of the business. We have defined our values and now it’s our job to ensure these values are instilled and followed in every aspect of the Ampverse organization.

 Q: Can you tell us a little more about your Indian entry and your expectations from the market?

FG: We believe that the 7Sea team represents the “New India”. They represent Gen Z and Gen Alpha in India. They are digital, smart, quick to adapt and resourceful. With this identity, we believe we have the next generation sports stars in India with the potential to be champions in India and beyond. We expect to establish the brand and grow their fanbase in India so that they can become the dominant esports team in the country within 2-3 years.

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