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Published: January 26, 2022

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  • Cheating happens sometimes even at high-level plays
  • Nomusenpai was caught in the act at the VCT 2022 State One: Vietnam Open Qualifiers
  • He is banned for 12 months and his team was disqualified from the tournament

Pro VALORANT player T?t C?m “Nomsenpai” Khôn has been banned for cheating at an official VALORANT tournament. He will not be able to attend official competitions for one year.

Riot Banned Nomusenpai

One of the most frustrating things a gamer can go through is an encounter with a cheater. Anyone with some multiplayer experience, especially when it comes to FPS games, has met cheaters online. Some players tend to install mods and hacks which give them an unfair advantage, often to the detriment and ruined gaming experience of other players.

It seems that sometimes even professional players are not immune to the temptations of using hacks to get ahead in the competition. In the most recent case, a competitive player was busted for cheating is that of VALORANT pro player T?t C?m “Nomsenpai” Khôn. The incident happened on Haven during the VCT 2022 State One: Vietnam Open Qualifiers. Nomsenpai was caught cheating and the Vietnamese player was banned for 12 months. Additionally, his team Ice Cee Jay Too has been disqualified from stage one of VCT APAC 2022.

What Happened Exactly?

The cheating in question happened when Nomsenpai seemingly starts shooting at players he should not be able to see. At first, the Vietnamese player is about to enter the garage as he attempts to shoot down a Jett who escapes. So far this is not a problem, but then Nomusenpai aims at an unseeable Astra as she is heading towards the C site. From his position, he is not able to know that an opponent is behind that wall, yet he points his crosshairs directly at Astra.

Some commenters are saying this could just be a misfortunate coincidence. “Many pro players shoot at that location because they assume peeking enemies, I think it just happens that Astra is there. Unless they have other evidence, I won’t argue,” says one player.

Even if this is the case, Riot still thinks otherwise and has banned Nomusenpai from all official competitions, with the ban taking effect on January 26 and ending next year. His team Ice Cee Jay Too will need to wait until Stage Two of the 2022 VCT Circuit to compete again.

Riot Games’ official statement says that cheating violates the rules of fair play. “Maintaining the competitive integrity of our tournaments is a top priority and VALORANT Esports takes such matters very seriously,” writes Riot.

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