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Published: September 6, 2021

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  • Pokimane is preparing to return to streaming on Twitch after she extended her break to September 8
  • She has been reporting burn-out issues and openly questioned the value of dedicating so much time to streaming without finding joy in many of the things she did
  • Pokimane is an example for other streamers to follow a more balanced work-life lifestyle that allows them to do what they love

After broaching the topic about streamers’ burn-out, Pokimane decided to extend her time off Twitch before returning later this week on September 8. 

Taking Time Off Twitch Is What She Needs 

After floating the idea of taking an extended leave from Twitch earlier in August, Imane “Pokimane” Anys is going to be off the platform a little while longer, as she is coping with burn-out and questions the reason for spending so much time streaming if she cannot enjoy the things she truly loves doing. 

Burn-out has been a real issue for many streamers, and that is precisely why DrLupo, who switched to YouTube Gaming, for example, has reported a much more satisfying contractual agreement with the Google-owned streaming giant instead. 

Pokimane took a sabbatical that will now be extended to September 8. Anys is spending time with her family back in Canada. In a tweet, she said that she was having fun and needed the time off Twitch.

Pokimane’s Last Stream Was Over Three Weeks Ago

Pokimane’s last stream was on Sunday, August 22, when she said that she needed some time off her PC and teased fans by promising that there were some cool things coming up next. Her next stream is now locked in for early this week, but there has not been confirmed if she will be making any big announcements just yet.

However, her extended break from Twitch and streaming is a good example for other streamers. Naturally, Pokimane is successful, so her viewers and subs will not hurt as much from her stepping out for a few weeks, but others might.

Pokimane Shows How People Can Recover from Burn-out

Regardless, her attitude is a good role model for how streamers should take their careers. “I just find myself doing so many things that I’m not excited about,” Pokimane said back in August, and she has a point. Prioritizing streaming almost exclusively has proven to be a sure way to fall out with the professional and burn out.

Many streamers have complained of that over the years, and even the most successful Twitch and YouTube Gaming personalities have confirmed that staying competitive is a constant churn. The best way to cope with it is to let go, it seems, as Pokimane is doing right now.

“I’ll be okay. I just need to re-prioritize my life and figure some things out. I’ll do my best, just like I’d want you all to in tough times too,” Pokimane said to her audience. She currently sports some 8.2 million Twitch followers. She previously capped her Twitch tips to $5. 

Pokimane previously spoke about why people donated to rich streamers and explained the value of “attention,” especially when it is coming from popular people.  

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