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Published: October 28, 2021

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  • Pokimane reveals a new project for a streamer management agency
  • She hopes it will help up-and-coming content creators make better deals
  • The list of participants joining in includes many former Twitch employees

The popular Twitch streamer is partnering with EVO and gaming industry veterans to make a talent management agency for streamers.

Pokimane Is Co-founding a Talent Agency

Pokimane has long been one of the most prevalent faces on Twitch. Ever since her streaming debut all those years ago, she’s become one of the most popular and high-earning Twitch content creators. It seems now she has decided to expand her activities into other areas, namely talent growing.

As it turns out Pokimane will dive into the world of talent management as she will have a part in creating such an agency. She enthusiastically announced the news on her Twitter page.

The new agency will be called RTS and Pokimane thinks that it will help newly starting streamers to get the hang of things quickly. She hopes that this endeavor will fix “what is broken” for both game streamers and esports by helping upstarting content creators to run their business successfully and support game devs.

Pokimane said that many streamers who are just starting are “spinning their wheels on basic stuff” and making deals that do not benefit them and sometimes the other side as well. She hopes that she can help fix this issue with her long experience in the field.

What to Expect from Pokimane’s Company

RTS is a subsidiary of Endeavor, which is another talent agency that has ties in other industries, like the UFC and the Miss Universe Pageant. RTS is partnered with Sony and in a bizarre turn of events, Pokimane and RTS will actually own a part of EVO, which is one of the largest fighting game competitions in the world.

Many veterans of the game industry are a part of the startup. These include big names such as Twitch and Endeavor veteran Stuart Saw, who will serve as CEO. Other executives include former Twitch and Blizzard employees and content creators. Among these are Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Brian Corrigan, the head of PUBG Corp’s America, and Karen Brodkin, Endeavor Executive VP. The new company already has plans of working with Epic Games and Facebook.

RTS has a long way ahead of itself and it faces competition from other long-established talent agencies. It is still unclear what Pokimane’s contribution to the company’s mission will be, but she can certainly count on her experience as a streamer to help newcomers to the field.

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